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  1. Alcuin

    Sauron Sues Frodo Baggins

    Frodo Baggins convicted of trespass and trespass to chattel and terrorist destruction to property by prosecutors in Mordor courts. Sauron sues [in separate civil action] for return of ring .... In the related civil action, Sauron’s attorney (the Mouth of Sauron) puts forward character witnesses...
  2. Alcuin

    Why did Théoden suddenly trust Gandalf?

    In Two Towers, “King of the Golden Hall”, Théoden greets Gandalf gruffly, calling him “Stormcrow”: Wormtongue then adds his derision, insulting Galadriel almost as an afterthought, calling her “the Sorceress of the Golden Wood,” saying that “webs of deceit were ever woven in Dwimordene.”...
  3. Alcuin

    Mouth of Sauron as Lord of Isengard

    I’m reading LotR again, and I have a question: Supposing Frodo, Sam, and Gollum (let’s not forget him!) together failed to destroy the One Ring… Had Sauron gotten his way at the Morannon, and the West accepted the demands of Sauron delivered by the Mouth of Sauron… Do you suppose Sauron...
  4. Alcuin

    Sauron’s forces & allies

    Who are Sauron’s forces and allied powers shortly before Thorin & Co. sets out for Erebor? This is just before Gandalf throws a wrench into Sauron’s plans. Sauron expected the White Council to drive him out of Dol Guldur and was well-prepared. But the loss of the dragon must have been an...
  5. Alcuin

    George Sayer stopped Tolkien burning Lord of the Rings before it was published

    Margaret Sayer, widow of George Sayer, late Head of English at Malvern College in Worcester, says Tolkien visited her husband in 1952. Tolkien, who was having difficulty getting his masterpiece Lord of the Rings published, decided to burn the draft in the fire. Sayer prevented him, and praised...
  6. Alcuin

    Changing protagonists in Lord of the Rings

    An idea sparked by the thread “Bilbo the Dude”… I think that the “active” protagonist – the hero – changes in Lord of the Rings. There are several heroes in the tale. But there are three major protagonists among whom Tolkien shifts his focus. When the story begins, Frodo is clearly the...