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  1. Ithrynluin

    Poll: Favourite story in Unfinished Tales

    I have decided to make a new thread for this so that each story can be voted for separately, and more than one option can be chosen. I moved the old one to the Archives. I voted for The Istari in the previous poll, and though it remains a close second, my favourite one actually is The History...
  2. Ithrynluin

    The Tolkien 'odd man out' game

    Several things/persons/items/places are given...Tolkien-related of course. i.e.: Boromir, Pippin, Tom Bombadil, Legolas, Aragorn And the answer is 'Tom Bombadil is the odd man out since he is not a member of the Fellowship'. The person to guess correctly gets to go next, but must wait...
  3. Ithrynluin


    What wizardry could be stronger and older than Saruman's? Men, even Numenoreans, certainly don't seem to be much concerned with wizardry. Thoughts? Do you think this may simply be a question of superior architecture, rather than wizardry?
  4. Ithrynluin

    Guess the pic!

    Let's play a new game. I'll post a picture (Tolkien-related!) and you must guess what scene it is from, which character(s) are in it, which part of the books it is from...etc. Any art based on The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion goes. The person who guesses goes next...