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  1. Barliman Butterbur


    Rowling cribbed a lot of ideas from Tolkien (I keep thinking of listing them, but always put it off as not worth the effort), and probably other sources as well. On the other hand, Tolkien borrowed liberally from Finnish and other sources which then provide "second-hand" borrowings for Rowling...
  2. Barliman Butterbur

    Tolkien Inspired by a Robert Browning Poem?

    You're not the only one who's thought that: http://chesterrep.openrepository.com/cdr/handle/10034/14474 Barley
  3. Barliman Butterbur

    LOTR Trivia

    Speaking of "LOTR Trivia," here's a guy — Phillip Pullman, the author of The Golden Compass — who thinks Tolkien is literally trivial: *** Several times Pullman reminds me that a work of fiction is not an argument. Perhaps it's safest to say that in "His Dark Materials" he has constructed his...
  4. Barliman Butterbur

    discussing the photo album

    Re: Discussing the Fotoalbum "One question though...is the marine really tall, or are you really short?" LOL! :D That's what I was wondering. Barley
  5. Barliman Butterbur

    discussing the photo album

    Re: Discussing the Fotoalbum Just a seersucker from Lands' End. I'm building my collection of aloha shirts for the next cruise — I want to have a different one for each day! Barley
  6. Barliman Butterbur

    discussing the photo album

    Re: Discussing the Fotoalbum Aha, there's a discussion page for the Photo Album thread! Thank you for clearing up my wonderment about your headgear. I thought it might be something far more esoteric or even something military/classified. :eek: And you have yet a new avatar! We must have a...
  7. Barliman Butterbur

    A newbie question

    Your first question has been answered a number of times in this forum, generally in the following way: Bilbo finds ring Gandalf takes ring, hops eagle to Mordor, drops ring in Fire THE END You obviously missed the point or never knew it — one of JRR's main reasons in tackling the thing...
  8. Barliman Butterbur

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    OK people — here at last, I reveal myself! This picture was taken by my wife Sachi just minutes after we arrived in our cabin on board the Island Princess on our cruise to Hawaii back in January '06. Barley
  9. Barliman Butterbur

    LOTR Trivia

    What happens if nobody answers for days at a time? Can someone else pose another question? I got lotsa stuff! Barley
  10. Barliman Butterbur

    LOTR Trivia

    The rule is, I must answer the question in play correctly before I can ask one? What happens if more than one person answers correctly? Barley
  11. Barliman Butterbur

    Bilbo's long expected party

    Don't worry, it had the hobbits scratching their heads too! ;) But to give it the old college try: "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like" = I'd like to know half of you better. "I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve" = There is a group comprising less...
  12. Barliman Butterbur

    What edition/year do you have?

    Well now you've gone and done it: I had to schlep all my stuff to the computer to work with the copyright dates! But to answer your question: LORD OF THE RINGS 50th Anniversary Set (1 Volume, purchased November 2004), © 2004, Houghton Mifflin Smaller hardback 1-volume book (purchased...
  13. Barliman Butterbur

    Best Text Book in the World

    Never heard of it — but with you reading it, I'm sure we're about to! :D Barley
  14. Barliman Butterbur

    Samwise Gamgee: Is he gay or not?

    Sounds like you've inadvertently soaked up some good old all-American homophobia. Obsession with homosexuality was the furthest thing from Tolkien's mind, and from the culture in which he grew up. By the way, in France, Italy and the Middle East, men — straight men — kiss and hold hands and...
  15. Barliman Butterbur

    About a rune at Weathertop!

    My advice: read the story first as is, and then go back into the Appendixes. It's like having extra treats after dinner! Barley
  16. Barliman Butterbur

    Finding God in "The Lord of the rings"

    I thought the discussion of religion was now forbidden in this forum. Why is this thread being allowed to continue? The concept of "God" as described in the holy books of various religions is something yet to be proved, and disbelieved by many. In my opinion, each religion is equally valid...
  17. Barliman Butterbur

    Was Radagast a gentleman?

    Me? JOKE? ;) Actually I didn't find any mention of them (other than yours or mine) in this thread. So I did a little research and came up with: =============================== Tolkien tells us 'What success they [Alatar and Pallando, the Blue Wizards] had I do not know; but I fear they...
  18. Barliman Butterbur

    Favorite part of the Hobbit

    My favorite parts involve "creature comforts:" eating, drinking and relaxing! (I haven't smoked a pipe since 1963...) Barley
  19. Barliman Butterbur

    Was Radagast a gentleman?

    Steve the Irwin, eh? Hmmm... What I want to know is: whatever happened to those twin Blue Wizards that were barely mentioned and never heard of again. Have you heard any strange rumors of them, RD? Barley
  20. Barliman Butterbur

    Favorite part of the Hobbit

    The meeting with Gandalf and the dwarves, where all the food and musical instruments are put out, and Bilbo almost has a heart attack as he begins to realize what he's been drawn into. Barley