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  1. Snaga

    Where have all the mothers gone?

    There is a peculiar lack of mothers in Lord of the Rings. So many characters have mothers who have died. Frodo, Aragorn, Eowyn and Eomer, Boromir and Faramir, Arwen... Tolkien lost his father, and developed a very strong bond with his mother but it seems he was reluctant to portray a...
  2. Snaga

    Smeagol = Caliban?

    Caliban (from Shakespeare's The Tempest) and Gollum seem to have some superficial similarity. Both are 'gangrel creatures', quite wretched, and driven by an unconquerable desire. How good a comparison is this?
  3. Snaga

    Who did Sam love the most?

    Sam is, as everyone knows, a flightly little chap. Quite free with his affections. But who did he love the most? And why?