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  1. Maedhros

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    YayGollum Now this is the picture of the Famous YayGollum holding the Infamous Pillow taker Mr. Perkins.
  2. Maedhros

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    Emerald Took Here's a picture of the Gorgeous Emerald Took.
  3. Maedhros

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    Chrysophalax's brood Here's the picture of Chrysophalax's and her brood: From left to right: Nil's husband, Nildadari, Chrysophalax, YayGollum and Emerald Took.
  4. Maedhros

    Translations of some names and places of Tolkien's Books

    Tom Bombadil in swede is Baraka.;)
  5. Maedhros

    Movie of the Sil?

    Noooooooooooooo. Nicolas Cage would destroy the image of Feanor that every tolkien fan has.:(