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  1. Gil-Galad

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    That is some time ago during a party.....in fact it is almost two years ago from now,during my 20th birthday. I am the guy with the headphones,who is just beginning his set. [img=http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/8840/20thbdaypartylive5rf.th.jpg]
  2. Gil-Galad

    Forum Photo Album (PICTURES ONLY!)

    hmmm....I have not posted any pictures for about two years.......,just forgot about this thread and besides I did not have time to do it,because the little time I've had for TTF I've spent it reading posts and etc..... That's during one of my dj sets in Belgium....the date shoud be sometimes...
  3. Gil-Galad

    Age of Aragorn

    Aragorn one of the Dunedain and descender of the Numenoreans. For their participation in the War of Wrath they were given by the oppurtunity to live on an island called Numenor and they were given the chance to live a long life....in the beginning their Kings lived for about 400 years........
  4. Gil-Galad

    LOTR Trivia

    The only name with A,which comes to my mind is Arvedui ;)
  5. Gil-Galad

    LOTR Trivia

    Which one Dreadlord? Earendur,the younger brother of Tar-Elendil ,or Earendur,the brother of Lindorie?In both cases it seems to me that your answer is wrong,because they both lived in II age. If I am not wrong ,of course. ;)
  6. Gil-Galad

    what happened to everyone

    That was the most amazing part concerning Gimli and Legolas.The First Dwarf to be allowed to go to The Undying Lands.Did he reach immortality there,ithy?
  7. Gil-Galad

    Ring Question

    Well,everybody could become a Dark Lord. But only Sauron could possess the Ring,it was his own,he created it using something much more than only skills.The connection between Sauron and The One could was too strong and nobody else was really able to use the Ring as Sauron did it.
  8. Gil-Galad

    What was THE ONE RING made of?

    Well,the people of Harad possessed gold and think that there was a relation between evil and gold.I believe that The One was made of Gold and something else,something spiritual.Only that could exlpain the connection between Sauron and The One.
  9. Gil-Galad

    Several questions...

    I doubt he would take them right to Gondor,because that was the thing which Sauron would expect.Actually Sauron believed that The One was in Gondor,after he saw Pippin in the Palantir.I doubt Gandalf would risk to take the Ring bearer exactly where Gorthaur expected him to be. Yes,I think...
  10. Gil-Galad


    And something else which can be hypothetically said.Who would expect that the password of the Door of Khazad-Dum is in elvish language?I doubt an enemy would try to say "friend" in Sindarin when he is entering Khazad-Dum,the Realms of the Dwarves.
  11. Gil-Galad

    How was it written?

    For sure it can be said that it was a though job.It took him 12 years to write The Lord of The Rings,pretty long-time.
  12. Gil-Galad

    discussing the photo album

    Eri,I love such pictures of The Mother Nature. Can you send me some more to my e-mail please,I would like to see all these beautiful place. my mail is [email protected] or [email protected] 10x :)
  13. Gil-Galad


    Well I believe it is a whole new world.A whole new world which is "calling" for us to be discovered.And those curious persons who answer this call are enslaved forever by the magic of Tolkien's world and its beauty. But this is how I feel the things and it is different for everybody :)
  14. Gil-Galad

    Which chapter are you reading?

    As a matter of fact everybody loves the Chapter of Luthien and Beren,except for me ;)
  15. Gil-Galad

    Which chapter are you reading?

    And then if you like the story of Turin Turambar(part of The Sil),you'd better read Unfinished Tales,there you will find some very interesting things about him and about Numenor!! Good luck.
  16. Gil-Galad

    Which chapter are you reading?

    Nice decision Arvedui. First of all I would like to thank Inderjit S for his impressive post.Actually I started reading it a long time ago-in the spring but I have been too lazy and busy with other things and I haven't had much time for it. I must confess that BOLT is very very different in...
  17. Gil-Galad

    Which chapter are you reading?

    I'm reading The Book of Lost Tales 1 now:The Theft of Melko.It is not from The Sil but it is connected with it.BTW I have to work on a project for the Guild of Tolkienology and I'm using now The Darkenning of Valinor. I think Inderjit S gave you a nice advice!Please have it in mind!!:)
  18. Gil-Galad

    Exact Time/year, And Century Of Middle Earth Within Tlotr....

    This is very odd thread. I suppose she thought .........I don't know what she thought?!!!!:confused: :confused: :confused:
  19. Gil-Galad

    who here does this?

    Yeah,sometimes I skipped some pages while I was reading it for second time,but it was really boring to read some long and detailed descriptions of places.It was just like describing a map!!!
  20. Gil-Galad

    Event Game

    I think it's perfect blue angel!!!!!But let's see what the boss will say!