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  1. ArwenStar

    How crazy am I?

    Speaking of crazy and first JRRT book, is it crazy the first JRRT book I owned was Beren and Lúthien?
  2. ArwenStar

    Double-naming of people in TS/LotR

    Good to know. Has anyone mentioned the three Faramirs? Faramir, Steward of Gondor and son of Denethor Faramir, brother of Artamir, related to the kings of Arnor? (Or that family somehow) Faramir, son of Sam and Rosie Gamgee Ps. I talk about Tolkien so much on my iPad it immediately comes up...
  3. ArwenStar

    Elvish Conversation (The Very Basics)- Sindarin

    This is v. confusing 😵
  4. ArwenStar

    M-e Hangman game

  5. ArwenStar

    M-e 21 questions (or "Who or what am I")

    Hooray! I am finally getting a chance to be on ttf. Also I have no questions! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂🙂
  6. ArwenStar

    M-e 21 questions (or "Who or what am I")

    1. Are you an elf?
  7. ArwenStar

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and good choice of book!
  8. ArwenStar

    How crazy am I?

    How can you learn the Tengwar? All the non definitive stuff is impossible and the explanation lost me from the start :( :( :( Though it’s cool.🙂 Now it’s even got a whole book to itself. I wish it was longer.
  9. ArwenStar

    Large amounts don't grow on trees

    Maybe he... Bought hobbiton? Bought large amounts of food/beer/pipe weed? Donated to charity? Bought some Mathoms? Buried it in the ground? Maybe he would want the Green Dragon? Or maybe he just gave it to Frodo?
  10. ArwenStar

    George R. R. Martin says LOTR has Plotholes

    I have one of his (got it before I read LoTR) and when I got it sounded great, but now I can’t even pick it up because it is emitting bad, anti-Tolkien vibes. Maybe I’ll get some gloves and throw it in a bin. And it takes up too much space on my overfull bookshelves.
  11. ArwenStar

    M-e Hangman game

  12. ArwenStar

    How crazy am I?

    Hobbits like family trees. Would you like a bigger hobbit family tree? Click here if yes!
  13. ArwenStar

    M-e 21 questions (or "Who or what am I")

    9. Are you a forest?
  14. ArwenStar

    M-e Hangman game

    O? And shorter quotes are easier so that takes the fun out of it!
  15. ArwenStar

    Drawings of middle earth

    The hobbit decorated text Transcript Thorin Balin Dwalin Fili Kili Ori Nori Dori Oin Gloin Bifur Bofur Bombur Bilbo
  16. ArwenStar

    How crazy am I?

    Good link 🙂
  17. ArwenStar

    How crazy am I?

    The lines of kings are confusing..... But still! It’s lotr!
  18. ArwenStar

    The typo thread

    For the ttf typos. Eg. Fhard
  19. ArwenStar

    Post Size Limit?

    1 typo thread coming right up