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  1. Miguel

    Audio Quotes

    I've been thinking about doing this for a while since it would be informative, but i don't know what would happen every time i post a new one. Thread might get a bump but, would it go away for double posting?. Anyway here's the first:
  2. Miguel

    What are you watching?

    Good morning :)
  3. Miguel

    What music are you listening at this moment?

    I'm having 90's withdrawals as of late so i tend to listen to euro dance now and then. Yeah i know it sounds cheap and silly but i like it, it reminds me of simple things like fixing my bicycle in the front yard around mid 90's :)
  4. Miguel

    Quick Questions:

    Is it ever mentioned what's beyond Valinor going West?, Is it just Ekkaia until you reach The Land of the Sun?.