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  1. Elaini

    My (digital) Tolkien art

    I have a Tumblr where I post my updates, though my I have my art account rather in ArtStation than DeviantArt. I used to be active in DA, but I grew to prefer AS.
  2. Elaini

    Could Elrond "fade"?

    Elrond was still told to have the "full glory" of the firstborn (Elves) so I always took that he was a Peredhel mainly in title after his decision. Also, eventually Elrond rejoined Celebrían in Valinor, and to me that kind of moment is more "shining" than fading. Despite she has to learn about...
  3. Elaini

    My (digital) Tolkien art

    Photoshop (details, environment, chothes, hair, shadows), Daz 3D (designing the base humanoid characters) and 3D Studio Max (more details, I also ensure that the lighting stays in the same direction). Besides them, I try to make the blending well enough to not be able to tell what is CGI and...
  4. Elaini

    My (digital) Tolkien art

    Thank you! The link to my art is my the first post, though what I'll paint next is already decided.
  5. Elaini

    My (digital) Tolkien art

    I have usually done my art as a gift to me roleplay friends, so these are their OCs. The group is fully elven and abides to the lore of the Silmarillion. And this is my latest. She's a lady of Teleri.
  6. Elaini

    Do all Elves Revere the Valar?

    There's something different in the religion of elves compared to that of many humans: certainty. At least the Eldar had met the Valar several times and lived in the same places as them. Thus many of elves have no reason not to believe, but whether they all choose to worship any of them, that's...
  7. Elaini

    Different genres of music of the Elves

    I don't think the Elves only performed the usually portrayed, soft and ethereal songs, though it could be used as a general rule for them all. Different humans have different styles, so why not different Elves? Sindar The woodland Sindar could be the ones making mostly the soothing music...
  8. Elaini

    Could some orcs be redeemable?

    They were bred for slavery to begin with and never got to know freedom. Do you think they're closer to animals that are controlled by their impulses or can they learn to be civil?
  9. Elaini

    Masculine, feminine and unisex names in Elvish

    There are certain gender indications in Tolkien's Elvish languages what comes to names. For example, "-el", "-iel" or "-wen" (maid) suffixes are often considered as feminine: Nerdanel, Galadriel or Arwen. "-ion" suffix is most definitely masculine, meaning "son of": Ingwion is "son of Ingwë"...
  10. Elaini

    The secrecy of Valar's host in War of Wrath

    Finarfin himself was a king in Aman, but Noldor had a realm of their own to rule in Middle-Earth. And I don't mind the house of Fingolfin having a bit more fortune in that regard.
  11. Elaini

    What the heck is a Variag?

    I've also seen Variag in Lord of the Rings Online. I wasn't sure if the game developers made them up or not.
  12. Elaini

    The secrecy of Valar's host in War of Wrath

    If Orodreth was Finrod's nephew, the family tree would be known: Orodreth's father would be Angrod and his mother Eldalótë. I do have to do a lot of guesswork on Finduilas having a brother or not, though.
  13. Elaini

    How Powerful was Gandalf the Grey?

    Though Tolkien was hesitant to make anything in his writings as too much of a "parody of Christianity".
  14. Elaini

    The secrecy of Valar's host in War of Wrath

    According to Tolkien Gateway:
  15. Elaini

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    Point proven with Melian.
  16. Elaini

    The secrecy of Valar's host in War of Wrath

    It must feel strange to say the least that your son is alive in Valinor while his bones are under you in Middle-Earth. Then again maybe he's thinking about the suffering he endured.
  17. Elaini

    The secrecy of Valar's host in War of Wrath

    In The Silmarillion it reads: However, the War of Wrath spans some fourty years according to Lotr Project timelines (F.A. 545-587). It's also hard for me to imagine that at least the Noldor didn't take a chance to visit their relatives in Middle-Earth, or warn the free peoples about the...
  18. Elaini

    Findis, Irimë and Argon: Canon or not?

    JRR Tolkien himself didn't publish The Silmarillion, though. Christopher did so it was up to him to pick what is fit for publishing, but found more material even after it was published.
  19. Elaini

    Findis, Irimë and Argon: Canon or not?

    Tolkien sure wrote about these characters in some of his material: Finwë's daughters Findis (Fingolfin's older sister), Irimë (Finarfin's older sister) and Fingolfin's son Argon (Aredhel's little brother). Do you consider these as a part of the canon material or not? The Silmarillion mentions...
  20. Elaini

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    Gandalf was originally based on Odin, an old wanderer which is in fact not a small god in Norse mythology. But the names of the seven Valar and seven Valier are clearly listed. When Manwë sent Gandalf to Middle-Earth, Gandalf thought himself as weak, even scared about the task though according...