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  1. Olorgando

    The weakness of wizards...

    Um - I dunno. Any guesses what she may have been doing in the 2690 years she had lived before Aragorn was even born? Just to put that into perspective: That is about the time between now and the best guess of the time some guy named Homer (not Simpson) is reputed to have written the Iliad and...
  2. Olorgando

    Why do people post on TTF?

    I come to places like TTF because in about 100% of the times I mention JRRT stuff in real life, the looks I get vary between absolute incomprehension, and, on the rare occasion where that is not the immediate door-slammer and I think I might elaborate - I mean, this is what would here be...
  3. Olorgando

    Why do people post on TTF?

    Thankfully, the only bookworm we have in the apartment is me! ;) But then Alcuin, and a guy (I think) who dropped in on the other two sites, seem to have the books memorized! Can't match that!o_O
  4. Olorgando

    The life of J.R.R. Tolkien

    First, that’s quite an amazing compilation of yours. When I think back to when I was in 6th or 7th grade – er – there are probably good reasons why I’ve forgotten everything I wrote back then! I’m sorry if my first post is almost all nags. It’s just the easiest to spot mistakes, at least for me...
  5. Olorgando

    Why do people post on TTF?

    As far as I can tell, all three forums that I log on to got their start when the LoTR films came out. Say around 2002 or so. It was, I suppose, the lucky meeting of Internet Technology having reached a point when such things were possible - and of course CGI was taken to some new levels by the...
  6. Olorgando

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Scooby threatening to take a pee on Old Man Willow - might work … 🤣
  7. Olorgando

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Erm - so this makes Tom Bombadil Scooby Doo? Or the other way around? In one way it does not fit at all: Tom was fearless, Scooby a pretty big chicken! 🐔
  8. Olorgando

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Ah yes, dear ol' Scooby Doo. Started back in 1969, when my family and I moved into the house on Long Island. And more to the point, it was the end of two years of my spending Saturday mornings at the Goethe Institute in Manhattan to get my German beyond the fourth-grade level. I always got back...
  9. Olorgando

    Where are they?

    Index? Oh … published in 2002, six years after the series was completed - totally missed it. As I grew up bi-lingual, I was spared the agony that some people seem to feel when grappling with the German language, learning it (later in life) as a foreign language. I had a bit of that with French...
  10. Olorgando

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    50, 38, 36, and 28 years old (OK, Pippin has not come of age by Hobbit standards), and one called Oldest and Fatherless - some kids! 🤨
  11. Olorgando

    M-e Hangman game

    No, I just did that because I thought it might make the game easier to understand. Hard-core starts with all dashes. :cool: S please
  12. Olorgando


    Now that's interesting. Does it mean that so far, be it on the Internet or in real life, the people you know who "know" Tolkien basically only "know" him from the films? Because then they basically only know Peter Jackson's fanfiction version of JRRT, not the great works themselves.
  13. Olorgando

    JRRT's art work for LotR: "The Art of the Lord of the Rings"

    I also like Brussels sprouts; and it is the only part of Galin's comments that I can form an in any way useful opinion on. 😬
  14. Olorgando


    I thought (from my experience at other JRRT sites) that besides 22 September (Bilbo and Frodo's birthday), or even more than that, JRRT's birthday on 03 January was the day of celebration!
  15. Olorgando

    Masks and Disguise

    JRRT was quite good at leaving questions open without giving answers - though one part (the private conservative Catholic side) might have made him want to do so, his (professional and intellectual) side dealing with "Beowulf" and Co. yanked the leash back severely. One of the reasons that he...
  16. Olorgando

    Who was the witch king of Angmar?

    Just a tip, ArwenStar: when Alcuin deigns to post, speculation severely goes down the tubes. 😬
  17. Olorgando

    The mystery of Gollum...

    Of course this was construed by JRRT after the fact of publication of TH (and much more so after LoTR). Five Hobbits caused the destruction of Sauron: Déagol (original finder of the One Ring after about 500 years) Sméagol (killing Déagol and becoming after a while Gollum) Bilbo (getting the One...
  18. Olorgando

    The weakness of wizards...

    Ehwot? Made me head for my Oxford University Press E-G / G-E hard-disk-saved dictionary. Hair-split territory, methinks. But then the sludge remaining of having managed 700-plus SAT scores (including a 770 on the Achievements test, now known otherwise) in the early 1970s, being a result of...
  19. Olorgando

    Masks and Disguise

    Just checking my 2009 Oxford University Press (reprint 2016 for the book?) English-German / G-E dictionary (which I bought expressly because it has a CD which I could download onto my notebook - no dodgy internet sources for me!), "guise" is camouflage. So "dis-" guise would be the opposite...
  20. Olorgando

    The weakness of wizards...

    The Valar (upon the intercession of Eärendil) intervened at the end of the First Age in the War of Wrath (taking perhaps almost as many years as WW I and WW II together? Time means so little to these immortals, in crass contrast to the (human) mortals caught up in it). The result was the...