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  1. Squint-eyed Southerner

    M-e Hangman game

    (Ahem) I see a.lot of SeS -- isn't that all you need? :p But since I'm here, I'll go with y.
  2. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Movies of misery

    Hey, another veteran TTFer back! Welcome home! Looks like your last post was before I joined -- I'm but a fledgling here, myself. I hope you'll stick around a little longer this time! One thing that struck me, again and again, while reading the LOTR drafts, was how every change Tolkien made...
  3. Squint-eyed Southerner


    You can find almost endless settings of Tolkien's poems on youtube.
  4. Squint-eyed Southerner

    What music are you listening to at this moment?

    And for this evening's self-pity party: *Sniff* 😢
  5. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Why do people post on TTF?

    Which reminds me -- some people evidently come here because they don't get enough arguments at home!
  6. Squint-eyed Southerner


    More thread necromancy! Reading through it again after a year was amusing, I confess; some, coming across it as their first exposure to the forum, might conclude that TTF was populated solely by old (in years or spirit) curmudgeons.
  7. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    On that last bit, Galin -- is that in one of the drafts? I must have forgotten it. I'd appreciate a reference, if and when you have time -- and energy. Away from my library again, so can't look.
  8. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Why do people post on TTF?

    Yes, fun and informative. 80 books? You have me beat for sure! Time to start worrying about bookworms:
  9. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Possibly -- although it would take some digging I can't spare time for, at the moment.
  10. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    I wasn't suggesting an exact match! The attempt might make for an interesting exercise, though. . . :p
  11. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Saruman the Balrog of Moria?

    Keeping in mind how subjective this kind of thing can be, Hannahs, here's one: http://web.sbu.edu/friedsam/inklings/Tolkien%27s_creation.htm Here's another: https://screenrant.com/lord-of-the-rings-most-powerful-characters-ranked/ And welcome to the forum! :)
  12. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Aha -- so you should have caught the reference! :cool:
  13. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Where are they?

    I'd also recommend his essay "On Taming the Bicycle". And the one on tobacco.
  14. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Sorry, O -- American pop culture reference!
  15. Squint-eyed Southerner

    JRRT's art work for LotR: "The Art of the Lord of the Rings"

    Back on topic :rolleyes:, the correction of "other" to "others" in Aragorn's reference to the hobbits, alters the story not a whit; what it does do is alter the reader's impression of Aragorn's character.* As Christopher says, Aragorn would hardly speak of Merry so coldly, i.e., as "the other"...
  16. Squint-eyed Southerner

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    Thanks, Alcuin. I'd seen most of these points elsewhere, but scattered; it's good to have them clearly set out in one place. On one point, I'd offer, not a quibble, exactly, but a possible alternate idea: that the Dunedain of Cardolan, facing utter defeat, and what looked like extinction, but...
  17. Squint-eyed Southerner

    George R. R. Martin says LOTR has Plotholes

    And then there's the TV series. Hmm. . . I wonder how the pitch meeting for that went? Oh, yeah. . .
  18. Squint-eyed Southerner

    The weakness of wizards...

    Really? Oh my! :eek:
  19. Squint-eyed Southerner


    Ah, I see. I wondered what could have happened on September 25. Of course, Frodo didn't "die", but went to the Undying Lands where he could be healed. We don't know when he finally died. When, 82 years later, Samwise left the Shire, we are led to believe he was going to the Havens, in hopes of...
  20. Squint-eyed Southerner


    I'm feeling dumb now -- I have no idea what you mean. :(