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  1. Gothmog

    Why do people post on TTF?

    Well, it can be hard to find the right arguments outside of the forum ;)
  2. Gothmog

    Why do people post on TTF?

    This forum was going before the films came out and I remember much discussion of what changes would be made despite PJ claiming that he was not going to make changes and would be true to the "Spirit of JRRT. While we all knew that there had to be changes from the book to screen overall there was...
  3. Gothmog

    How crazy am I?

    That is not crazy. Getting exited about reading the appendices and the rest of the writings of Tolkien about Middle-earth is about par for the course on here ;)
  4. Gothmog


    During the First Age when the Quendi traveled from Cuivienen to Aman, some of the Teleri remained in Beleriand. Of one group of these who were persuaded to stay by the Maia Osse we have this: Círdan was a Shipwright (boat guy :) ) right from the beginning. He is possibly the oldest of the Elves...
  5. Gothmog

    Elf are slain..

    When an Elf is slain, their Fea is called to the Halls of Mandos in Aman there to wait for a time before being re-bodied mainly in the Undying lands though there is the possibility of one who lived in Middle-earth returning there instead.
  6. Gothmog

    George R. R. Martin says LOTR has Plotholes

    Since Martin is, it would seem from what little I have read and seen, concerned mostly with sex and violence while Tolkien was concerned with "Good v Evil" and Growth (mainly of the Hobbits) it is not surprising that he would find "plot holes" in any book that does not plumb the same depths as...
  7. Gothmog

    Masks and Disguise

    In the foreword of Fellowship of the Ring Tolkien himself addresses this common view, part of what he says is: So, whatever the sources are, ww2 was not one of them.
  8. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    If we were privy to the councils of the Valar during the battles at that time, it is likely that Manwë and others put in some effort to help but that Ulmo was the instigator of this effort as he was the Valar that never abandoned the Elves and Men even during the time of Exile for the Noldor. He...
  9. Gothmog

    Of the 3 extended edition films,which one is your favorite and why?

    Well, favorite would be going too far. But my least hated is Fellowship. Despite the theatrical release being so bad that I almost walked out half-way through, the extra in the EE did make it watchable. The worst by far is Two Towers. I recall all the furor over the name before it's release...
  10. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    Or perhaps not so silent. It seems that Eru was involved in some parts so it may be that Manwë was also helping a little more than we are told. After all, the winds are his province more than Ulmo's.
  11. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    I Agree :)
  12. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    From letter 131: Seems that I have taken the author at his word even though I interpreted Spells the way that it appeared to me before reading what his position was on "magic".
  13. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    Where exactly have I not been able to take the author at his word??
  14. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    Strange, I was not aware that I did not enjoy the story or that I do not take the author seriously because I did not feel that the "Spells" were necessarily actually effective magic. That the Barrow-blades were special was made clear from the very first time we see them described and there was...
  15. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    Since Tolkien's world is based in part on many myths of our real world it is not that unproductive. There are many examples of weapons used against those who were Believed to be Undead. There is a big difference between what someone believes to be true and what is true. I did not say that the...
  16. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    If we look at the Myths, Legends and History of our world, we can see that "spells", "runes of power", and other marks were spoken during the making or placed on the blades and hilts of swords in the belief that they increased the power or efficacy of the blades especially against "Supernatural"...
  17. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    I agree that any sword could have killed the Witch King had it struck the heart or other immediately fatal blow, I think that non-fatal strikes with other swords would not have the same effect as the Barrow-blade did. Agreed. I only point out that the only real difference between the...
  18. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    :) But now. Let us look at what we know about the blades. From the Fellowship of the Ring: And then from The Two Towers: Now, the use of "Magical Spells" does seem out of place and too "Elvish" for the work of Men. What then could be the meaning of: The "Spells" most likely were the damasked...
  19. Gothmog

    Silmarillion - To be taken as authority?

    When it was first published, it was the only source of information about the creation and earlier ages of Arda and therefore most considered it canon. I remember a number of discussions and debates on this very forum about this matter as I am sure you do also. However, with the publishing of the...
  20. Gothmog

    Who would win between Olorin and Sauron?

    I would say yes ;)