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  1. 1stvermont

    Recruiting for a Total Conversion mod Based on Lord of the Rings? Field of Glory Empi

    Looking to start a total conversion mod for the PC game field of Glory Empires [see Field of Glory Empires on Steam] as this game is completely modifiable. Here is the Manual to get an idea for this in depth strategy game http://www.matrixgames.com/amazon/PDF/FO...0Final.pdf...
  2. 1stvermont

    Tolkien and 'the Fall'

    But that is not the case in either. But I agree that would seemingly be an evil God. Sorry Calvinist.
  3. 1stvermont

    Middle Earth Memes

    Happy Mothers day
  4. 1stvermont

    Please Help me Understand Gondor Stewardship and Kingship

    What is the difference between a steward and a king in authority? Why did Aragorn wait to become king and why did not earlier ancestors take the crown in Gondor.
  5. 1stvermont

    What do we Know About Radagast?

    He was not among the council of the wise instead Elrond and Galadriel and the better known Istari were. It seems when news went out from Rivendell to have Radagast join the council he could not be found. Neither did he return to the west after the war of the ring, it appears he had died. Wilt...
  6. 1stvermont

    Group Reading of Narnia

    We are starting a group reading of Narnia soon [on a Narnia forum] likely 1 or 2 chapters a week. If anyone is interested let me know pm me or post. if interested here is the group http://www.thetolkienforum.com/index.php?forums/character-profiles.116/
  7. 1stvermont

    Contradictions between the hobbit and LOTR?

    I am engaged in a discussion on supposed contradictions between the hobbit and the rest of Tolkien writings and I was looking for other posters opinions. I hold Tolkien's views like he said In letters 214 of supposed contradictions “Facts that may appear in my record, I believe, in no case due...
  8. 1stvermont

    What do we Know About Radagast?

    My interest in the Istari continues. “a worthy wizard, a master of shapes and changes of hue... and he has much lore of herbs and beats” a “friend of all beats and birds” -Gandalf “indeed, of all the istari, one only remained faithful.... for Radgast, the fourth, become envenomed of the...
  9. 1stvermont

    How Powerful was Gandalf the Grey?

    How Powerful was Gandalf the Grey? When I think of Gandalf I think of both Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White. But really Gandalf the Grey died, and was given extra power and wisdom by Eru and remade into a new far more powerful Gandalf, Gandalf the White. So thinking of just Gandalf the...
  10. 1stvermont

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    I am actually looking into something but it will take some time that might make a better case for him as a valar. In fact all the istari as valar. But I think it might be wrong about two olorins. But even still that would not disprove him manwe or a valar. I am leaning towards gandalf as manwe...
  11. 1stvermont

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    Thanks i will have to read it before further comments of course. I do want to mention Gandalf did not enter ME till the third age. “They [Istari] belonged solely to the third age and than departed, and none save maybe Elrond, Cirdan, and Galadriel discovered of what kind they were or whence...
  12. 1stvermont

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    I will have to order and read the peoples of ME as i have not yet done so. Looking at your first text it seems [Gandalf] is added in or was this part of the original text written by J.R.R Tolkien? what is the date on this source? Plus i am saying their very well might have been two Olorins, or...
  13. 1stvermont

    Was Gandalf a Valar?

    I believe a mistake was made by Christopher Tolkien. I always thought Gandalf a maiar from reading the sillmarillion as Olorin was a Maiar. However, of course , our sillmarillion was not published by J.R.R Tolkien but Christopher and I believe Tolkien left us with the idea of two separate...
  14. 1stvermont

    Unfinished Tales

    just got it from the library. Starting tonight.
  15. 1stvermont

    The story of how divine providence works?

    For a great book on the subject of divine providence in Tolkines writings see here. https://www.amazon.com/dp/142674949X/?tag=r-r-20
  16. 1stvermont

    War of the ring- Grand Strategy Board Game

    Just got war of the ring for x-mas it has great reviews i'll let you know how it is. https://www.amazon.com/Ares-Games-War-Ring-2nd/dp/1903385113/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1545765417&sr=1-1&keywords=war of the ring Played it and its amazing. Highly recommended.
  17. 1stvermont

    Lotr or Narnia

    Welcome to the forum Edmund the just. I like your signature.
  18. 1stvermont

    The Power of Galadriel in the Third age- That of a Maiar?

    The question is not of her power in the first age vs the created power of a maiar, but of her power vs general maiar in the third age. I have argued that the Maiar are overrated in their power and I also argue the strength of the Noldor [individually not collective] increased from the first...
  19. 1stvermont

    Numbering the Maiar by the Ages

    Gain. I was wondering if you would for me put together an argument for 3-7 balrogs for me to better consider it.
  20. 1stvermont

    Questions About Glorfindel

    Thanks once more for your knowledge.