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    If Turgon told no one about his company going to Gondolin, or about Gondolin itself, why is no one actively searching for him when he and his entire group of followers disappear? Or, is there any reference to him telling anyone that he was leaving, but would not disclose where to?
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    Concerning Gondolin

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the geography of Gondolin for a while. If the Echoriath and Tumhalad had long before been a great lake, and the Dry River the only (or main?) outlet, how was there life within the valley? If there is flowing water within the Echoriath, and there are no...
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    Extended Edition packaging...

    This is something that has stumped me for a while, so I'm curious if anyone here might know... On the Fellowship Extended Edition DVD case (inside the Slipcase), there is what appears to be an elven heraldic device. I have not been able to find anything that says what it represents. It's...
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    Adapting the Silmarillion

    If you were adapting the Silmarillion, as a (mostly) whole, what would be your approach? Movies? Television series? Graphic novels? A history-channel-style documentary series? Personally, I think either a TV series or series of Graphic Novels would be the best options. Films would not have...
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    Silmarillion project

    as an aspiring film-maker, I have decided that a series of Silmarillion-based "history channel" style documentaries is something I'd like to try my hand at to hone my skills in the area. not as an actual film, just something to make and distribute freely to those interested. my questions are...
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    Fangorn at Helm's Deep

    just finished reading book III and it stuck me: did the Huorns that went to Helm's Deep return to Fangorn, or remain at Helm's Deep? I never remember it specifically mentioned. just curious, thanks in adavance:D