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  1. Goldberry344

    Who did Sam love the most?

    nono, frodo was sam's soulmate!!!!
  2. Goldberry344

    No! Save Me!!

    if i were in your case, id try to get it rebound, and buy a new copy for further reading. you dont want to beat up on an antique lotr for too long.
  3. Goldberry344


    didnt bilbo help out at all? hrumph.
  4. Goldberry344

    How did Gollum bite off Frodo's finger?

    im not sure if i posted this already, i checked and i didnt see a post....but... i think that Gollum was practically a ring wraith and so he could sense the ring like one of the nazgul.
  5. Goldberry344

    I'm NEW

    i just wanna make sure all you newbies dont feel bad about not knowing what to do. ive been here since january and i still dont know what im doing half the time!
  6. Goldberry344


    the nazgul are the kings, or ring wraths. they are, as aragorn said in the movie, disguised as riders in black. (i think it was aragorn)