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    A HUGE book debate between fellows

    Hmm. Come to think of it, Annaheru could add Melian to the list ...
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    A HUGE book debate between fellows

    Simple, Saruman just cooked up superior death marchers. No need to resort to magic for the explanation- it doesn't generally seem to be how things worked in ME, anyways. Allowing Saruman to have such a potent weapon (the ability to physically and mentally wear down your opponents from...
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    A Fermi Question on Population (from true ME intellectuals :)

    I did my own investigation on Elves in First Age Beleriand- the results can be found in this thread: http://www.thetolkienforum.com/showthread.php?t=5305 I also did a leetle bit of speculation as to 3rd age forces of Elves in Mirkwood, and also the relative military strengths of Gondor, Rohan...
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    Imrahil's Elvish blood: From where?

    In intended to write out a cogent and interesting reply, but it's easier to cut and paste:
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    He-he. Darest I? I does darest: {The same source earlier gives average height of the Dunedain when they met the Hobbits as 6'4"!} Gandalf the Grey- {as I imagine you know} 'Kuduk' is the original word in Westron which has been translated to English 'Hobbit', just as 'kud-dukan' is the...
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    Welcome Sengir! Are you from the Macondo Buendias? UT has a lot of information on the Smeagol/Deagol community, and there is a leetle bit in Letter # 214. Happy reading!
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    What is this hatred for Frodo telling Sam to leave?

    I believe that your second paragraph answers the first. Gollum is given his chance at redemption in TT, but rejects it there as the 'powerful' final scene in that movie shows. To the extent that he was sympathetic and pitiable in TT, he remains so in the final film. He has had a difficult...
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    Who did Sam love the most?

    Wha?? Do people here really think that had it been Rosie who was captured by Orcs, then Sam would have just shrugged his shoulders and moved on?? Of course, in the book it is only Frodo who Sam risks his life for, but in different circumstances I think Sam would definitely have given his life...
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    Beginning of Ents........

    (external to the story) Ents were completely a LotR creation- they did not exist in any of the drafts of the Silmarillion which were written before ~1937. After LotR was written, either JRRT or CT (acting on one of JRRT's Letters) went back and put in the creation of the Ents as well as the...
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    Beginning of Ents........

    Given that Treebeard is the father of Ents, I would think it a little impertinent to question his knowledge on the creation of Ents. If anyone knew their background, it would be him. He may be wrong about the word 'creation' (almost certainly a slip of the pen by Tolkien), but I don't think he...
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    War of the Ring- A little to good to be true?

    If anybody is interested in the numbers of various forces from the books, an excellent resource is Jeff F's excellent thread Armies of Middle-earth. I don't necessarily agree with everything he's posted there, but I would say that everything he has posted is plausible from the information in...
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    Do elves ever eat?

    Or the great festival/feasting in Mirkwood just prior to the Dwarves being imprisoned. Certainly Bombour's dreams of Elven feasts had some evocative images of Elven food.
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    Are Elves superstrong?

    I'm not sure if I agree that both races become less strong. I don't think that an Elf born in Middle-earth in the Third Age was any weaker physically than an Elf born in Middle-earth (not Aman) in the First Age. The Elves fade- their spirits endur, but their bodies, being made of the stuff of...
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    Piece of Elvish glass

    Anamatar, now I'm really getting confused by your logic. In the quote you posted the Mouth specifically states that a piece of glass does not make a man a king. Now you are not only saying that a sword seems like glass, but also that is is more appropriate than a gem because it is a recognized...
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    Piece of Elvish glass

    The elf stone is clearly a gem, as in gemstone. Calling a gem in a piece jewelry "a piece of glass" is a common way of deriding it. I have never heard of a sword being called a piece of glass, either in praise or scorn. Again, the Mouth of Sauron was not about to ridicule a weapon that might...
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    Piece of Elvish glass

    Um, yes. But Anduril was neither Elvish in origin, nor made of glass, so it seems pretty unlikely that the Mouth's words were in reference to the sword. The Elf stone was elvish glass, or at least could have been derogatorily referred to as such. The Mouth of Sauron didn't say that Elvish...
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    Why wasn't Denethor A Taddletale?

    An exellent theory Nóm. Tolkien has a slightly different version, but again let me point out that that doesn't make yours any worse by comparison. In UT (The Palantiri) Tolkien explicitly states that Sauron could not dominate Denethor as he had Saruman because Denethor was a 'rightful' user of...
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    Why didnt Glorfindel go to war?

    But who is Glorfindel's higher authority- his fellow Elves in Middle Earth or the Valar? As I said in my last post, Glorfindel was sent back from Aman to help the fight against Sauron. This fight was made all the more difficult because the Noldor had helped Sauron by providing him with those...
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    Why didnt Glorfindel go to war?

    Of course, as the dear departed Harad would love to point out, it seems kind of silly to hold your best warrior out of the fight in the off chance that you lose. Harad's argument (which I agree with to a point) was that nothing (including getting elves out of Middle-earth alive) was as...
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    Gothmog on the Pellenor Fields

    So that's what happened to the Nazgûl. I always thought they put in a rather poor showing at Pelannor- other than the Witch-King I don't think they're mentioned at all beyond chasing Faramir & co. to the gates. So nobody's daring the Half-trolls of Far Harad route? C'mon, it'd be fun! I've...