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Attention All Guild od Wizards!!!!!!!!!!


Mithers the Grand Wizard
Oct 29, 2001
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The White Council;Rohan
Ok finally the new system for the Guild of Wizards has been set up.
Here is the system which I have created based onTal's new set of rules:

The Guild of Wizards shall be seperated into 5 different sub-Guilds based on what your powers and color are:

White-this is the color that is associated with the leaders. Each member is chosen specifically by me, they hold power over every single color but have a certain strength in each color. Basically these Wizards are the Guild Masters. Each one will be set to a certain sub-guild where or she will be the White Wizard of that Guild. For instance Talerin is the White Wizard of the Green sub-Guild and holds power in every color, but stands out with greens color. If there are any questions about this guild please PM me. I will create a thread called the White Council where only the White Wizards will meet. I am the Grand Master of the Guild of Wizards and am thus in charge of this section and everything else.

Blue-These Wizards have power over ice and water. Can talk w/ sea life;control oceans, rivers, etc., cause blizzards and anything else to do w/ the aforementioned.

Red-These Wizards have power over fire, lava, etc.

Green-Wizards w/ the power of the forest, can talk w/ all the beasts of the earth and all that grows, etc.

Silver-Wizards w/ the power over steel, armory, weapons, etc.

Grey-These wizards have powers in seeing the future, shapeshifting, mesmorizing, etc. These are some of the rarest wizards and therefore will be one of the smallest sub-Guilds;yet 1 of the most powerful.

There will be no black wizards because of the Guild of Necromancers, which are our Rivals.

***All wizards will have vast knowledge of ME languages, spells, phychic powers(if you are a Grey Wizard thanm you will be all powerful in this field).

I will post o thread in the PP called The Gathering of Wizards where all the Wizards will meet, otherwise you meet w/ your specific guild in a seperate thread.

If you want to join a Guild than Please PM the Guild Master of that Guild and ask him, I will post the Guild Masters names in the Gathering of Wizards ASAP. If you have any questions on this please ask me here and I will answer them

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