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Building a real Bag End ? Why not !


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Aug 19, 2019
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It may surprise you (assuming I have posted in TTF that I am less than a fan of that FIFA-inspired corrupt money-grubbing scheme, to put it nicely, and if I have, that you have read such a post) that Gheorghe Hagi does ring a bell with me. But at first, it was a wrong bell. German team coach (not trainer, that has severely more stringent licensing requirements than he fulfilled at the time - his nominal assistant had that official qualification) of the German 1990 FIFA World Cup champions, Franz Beckenbauer (our greatest player) let fly a prediction after the 1990 title that the German national team, now being reinforced by some really good GDR players after reunification, would be unbeatable for quite a while. He was seriously wrong, as he has been all too often since 1990. In 1994, in the World Cup held in the US (a fairly nutty place to do this, but hey, the corrupt FIFA was only chasing dollars by then, and don't get my started about the 2022 event taking place in Qatar!!!!!!!!!!), the German team, title defenders, were booted out in the quarter-finals - but by Bulgaria, not Romania. And the winning goal for Bulgaria was scored by Yordan Letchkov, at the time employed by - at that time - German first-league contender Hamburger Sportverein (HSV).
Hagi never played in Germany. He was so good that first Real Madrid, then Brescia in Italy (but he played a year in the second league???), and then Barcelona hired him. All of this was 1990 to 1996, probably his best years. German teams couldn't compete in the financial wars of the times - though I fail to understand how Spanish and Italian teams managed to do so back then. Not from any profits (nonexistent) they ever achieved. FIFA. UEFA. The rest. 🤮
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