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Concerning Hobbits


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Dec 4, 2017
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Hi guys
So, despite the fact that the very begining of The Lord of The Rings books is about Hobbits, not many people seem to be interested in their origin and stuff like that,
I don´t really know why.. i found it fascinting..
So i decided to do a small 5 min video about it, and decided to share it here with you guys.
Any opinion would be apreciated :)



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Aug 14, 2003
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Wootton Major
You did a great job putting this information together. I especially like the map that shows the migration of the hobbits.


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Nov 28, 2004
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Very nice!

One thing though, in my opinion "originate" might suggest that the Anduin Vale is where Hobbits began life from the earliest days, but I think Tolkien is more general and vague in the Prologue, with: "the North-West of the Old World, east of the Sea."

Very vague! :D

We know that: "Their earliest tales seems to glimpse a time when they dwelt in the upper vales of Anduin, between the eaves of Greenwood the Great and the Misty Mountains." But these are the Hobbit's tales, and as I interpret things: "of their original home the Hobbits in Bilbo's time preserved no knowledge."

But again, in general, nice job! I'm just (barely) capable enough to post using a computer!


I'll add... but only because I'm annoying and can't stop myself babbling about ears (Elvish or Hobbitish)... that I don't think Hobbits having even slightly pointed ears is necessarily a fact, despite that Tolkien himself once noted this description in a letter.

I realize plenty of people disagree with me about this, and I won't (for now) get into my reasoning concerning this matter. I'll put it this way: if I did a similar video, I wouldn't mention the ears, but I understand why people do.


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