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Destiny vs Free-Will help



Hey everyone,
I am doing an essay on Lord of the Rings and I thought I might just need a couple of opinions and help from you guys. So if you can help me out then thank you very much. Here it goes...I am doing a paper on destiny vs free-will in LOTR and I am supposed to show that all the events in LOTR are because of the encounter between destiny and free-will. The corruption of the ring, prophecy that the ring will return to its owner, and the natural battle between good and evil...but I am having some touble giving some examples and reasoning, especially behind the battle between good and evil destiny thing =\ ... Can anyone give me some advice on what to say...? Thank You all in advance...:)

Goro Shimura

Scribe of the Eldanyárë
Dec 30, 2001
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Tolkien: Man and Myth

From Joseph Pearce's book Tolkien:Man and Myth--

LotR as a religious work "falls into three distinct but inter-related areas," writes Pearce. These areas are "the sacrifice which accompanies the selfless exercise of free will; the intrinsic conflict between good and evil; and the perennial question of time and eternity, particularly in relation to life and death."
You will find a wealth of information in the works of Joseph Pearce and T.A. Shippey. Both have recently published books about Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.

IMO, if you LotR is the best description of how a Creator-God can control history without uinfringing upon free will. It's better than any philosophical or theological treatise on the subject!

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heys guys, thanks a bunch for your help. I really appreciate it.

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