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Dragonlander: Post-Apocalyptic, Tolkienesque-Dystopian Novel set in Modern Day


The Wandering Wastrel
May 13, 2016
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Mission Viejo, California
So, here's another story that just, rather, "Birthed itself", in the recesses of my writer's mind,

'In the Midst and Wake of flaming carnage, when the world is engulfed in dying conflagration, a lone survivor must unlock the secrets of his past through scraps of his lost brother's notes, dreams, poems, and songs. An ancient Homeland beckons, voices appear in the twilight, and a peaceful yet uneasy solace is broken through a world born anew: In fire and struggle; adversity enflames the Warrior, and alliances must be tempered, before the Dark claims all. Set in the bleak Post-Apocalypse of Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Nineteen, and drawing from countless inspiration, and bringing Man to his absolute breaking point, Dragonlander tells the tale of a young man facing a war he cannot possibly win, Fell deeds awake, and some serpents are best left slain."



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