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Escape from Gondolin (Atreyu's Tale)

Sir Gawain d'Orchany

To Rivendell where elves yet dwell
Jan 9, 2018
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Imladris (Rivendell), formerly Gondolin
The attacks on Gondolin had grown increasingly intense. Aiden (the elf) his human wife Kora and their son Atreyu made their way to the escape tunnels made by Idril the daughter of King Turgon.

"Come my wife! My son! We must leave this place or else perish with it!" Called the tall red haired elf called Aiden. His grey eyes sparkled with fear. Kora, his human wife carried their son Atreyu who was barely into his toddler years.

The land was suddenly racked by explosions. A large piece of a building broke away and crashed down causing people to be crushed. Aiden unfortunately had met his end. Kora became trapped from her legs down and could only watch as Atreyu, her beautiful baby boy was carried away by a good Samaritan.
"Atreyu!!!" Kora called out fruitlessly.

After what seemed like forever, Gondolin had fallen and Atreyu awoke to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings. Of course for elves...even half-elves as a toddler they are able to speak and fend for themselves.

One night while Atreyu dreamed a voice spoke to him: "Seek Star-Dome at Imladris....it is there thou may find the answers you seek...it is there thou shall find thy meaning....Go to Rivendell...."

The following morning Atreyu made for Rivendell. Upon arriving he was met by Elrohir.

"Greetings! I am Elrohir. Who be thou? What do thou seek?"

Atreyu sighed "My name is Atreyu and I seek Elrond."

Seeing the weariness upon Atreyu's face, Elrohir bade him to follow him up to Rivendell Manor.
"Here you may rest and heal. You are welcome to read from our library and learn as you wish. I will see that you are fed and that you receive fresh clothes."

Atreyu smiled "Many Thanks Elrohir. Perhaps once I have been washed and have donned fresh attire I may speak with Elrond."

Elrohir looked inquisitive "Why do you wish to speak with my father?"

Atreyu looked grave "Because the voice of Miriel Serindé bade me to."

To Be Continued...

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