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Help appreciated


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Mar 23, 2020
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Hey I am currently in my second year in college studying anthropology and I have decided to do my thesis on lotrs. As the coronavirus as lock us all up I can't do face to face interviews. So if anyone is willing to tell me why they love lotrs? Or do they like a particular character over the others or anything lotrs related it would be appreciated. Ps I'm a huge fan of both books and films. Even got a tattoo of lotrs in elvish.

Phuc Do

Feb 9, 2017
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I love The silmarillion more than LOTR and my favaourite character is Turin Turambar but that is not what you asked about.
I love the LOTR books because it slowly immerse you into this vast world full of wonders. Like Samwise Gamgee that is so
fascinated with the elves, we also get to share his interest in these powerful immortal beings: " And enter the scene the all and
powerful elf Glorfindel come to swoop Frodo away from the dangerous Ringwraiths" There are so many more awesome moments
like that both in the books and some few in the movies. Frodo and Sam: "Going on although the task seems so big and vast,, and in your heart you know that
maybe you won't be coming to home sweet home again and still prevail. Heroic deeds, friendship and loads more that i can't list.

My favorite characters are Eomer and Aragorn. Really love
-Aragorn's backstory,
-his sword,
-the way he used the palantir( The way it's describe in the book, not so much like in the movie)
-Really loved it when the Dunedain and Elrond's son came to him and yada yada they arrive at the perfect time to turn the tide off the battle.
-His speech at the last battle in the movie that was delivered so passiontly that the horse did a little "wruuuhuhu"

I like Eomer because of the way he was potrayed on screen, been a while since ive read the books, can't seem to recall
any badass moment in the books.

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