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Hi all !!!!



First thing I would you excuse me for my english.... I'm trying to improve my english, so please give me a chance !:eek:P
I'm 29 years old, I read the Lord of the Rings 2 times and a half (one in italian, one in French - I've been in Lyon for one year -.... the half one is because now I'm reading it in english version !!!).
My preferred carachter is Gimli the dwarf.......
What can I say more ?!?
Yes, I played judo. I'm fiscal accountant and legal consultant here in Italy. I love good wine.
Another thing: I have an yamaha R6 that I named "Glamdringblue".....
So you can understand because I chose my nick name "JudokaR6"....
p.s. I hope to enjoy myself in this forum.....


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Oct 24, 2001
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Welcome Judoka!
Hope you only show your martial law skills at RPGs... :) Have fun!



Hope you only show your martial law skills at RPGs... :) Have fun!
Actually I don't play judo because now I haven't time to do it .... but I hope that in the future I will have the time to teach judo to childreen.....
I find a lot of simile between the philosophy of judo and of the Middle-earth; in particular the finding of the truth....

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