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IC Rangers


Verbatim et litteratim.
Mar 18, 2003
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Please veiw the OOC Rangers thread before posting.


Haleth and Phillip cantered over the rolling hills of Rohan, on their way to meet with some of the other Rangers. They were meeting to discuss the problems they'd been having with the Paths of the Dead.

After the Black Gate fell, many of the orcs who were not slaughtered made their way to the mountains of Rohan, and made refuge in the Paths of the Dead, now convieniently vacent. They built up thier strength and had been attacking small villages in the last few months.

Even without spirits looming the the darkness, the Paths of the Dead was still a fortress, and still very difficult to get into. Then of course there was still the issue of how afriad many of the Rohan people were of that mountain.

Haleth hoped that some of the other men had more ideas than he did at the moment, as he rode into the camp.

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