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Is it possible to compare a book to a film?

Aug 19, 2018
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On Tinker Tailor I think the older BBC series is superior to the later Oldman film which is good but not that good

1. Ensemble acting of one of the best line ups of actors any BBC production has had
2. The grainy low key production
3. The theme music
4. The brilliant opening of the MI6 top brass meeting
5. The much better way Jim Prideaux kills Bill Hayden
6. The longer time for the series enables better development of the complex plot

And an anodyne conversation like this becomes the key to the story:

"The facts were known, man.
Toby ordered me not to approach anyone or to try to make my story heard.
The Circus was back on the road.
I could forget Tinker, Tailor, the whole damn game, moles, everything.
"Drop out," he said.
"You're a lucky man, Jim.
Forget it, right? Forget it." "

" So Toby actually mentioned Tinker, Tailor to you? However did he get hold of that? "

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