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LARP the LOTR - where are the women?


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Jan 20, 2018
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If wanting to create a LARP (live action role playing game) of Lord of the rings, there are some issues that has to be solved.

1) The lack of women roles to play.
2) For maximum possible immersion one may want to avoid things that can not be portrayed convincingly, like... Ents.... like being invisble, like mountain halls e t c
3) Avoiding repeating the happenings in the original story (Haradrim may not Join Sauron, Saruman may take other routes in his power ambitions, Rohan may not ride to the help of Gondor, more dwarves may join the battle e t c)
4. What are the powers of the rings. How can these powers be acted out?
5. What types of magic can be acted out convincingly?

Lets say one starts:
- When Sauron was still the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.
- Pretends that a few rings have not yet been captured by the Necromancer (the dwarves may have one or two, the men may still have 1-2 rings)
- The one ring is still in Gollums hands. He is hidden.
- One brings in a few female characters from the passed eras of middle earth history (like Jackson pushed Tauriel into the Hobbit).
- Make it gameistic, meaning, characters can die. A group or an allaince can win.
- ?

Comments? Ideas?

Naturally, LARP experience would increase the quality of your input.


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