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Legolas NOT LIKERS hotel


On fire
Nov 2, 2002
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In the land of India, where the monkeys dance
eledhel11 said:
I totally agree, Orlando Bloom is.... lets just say I shouldn't continue that sentence. My friend used to be gaga over him, but thankfully she's over him now. :) Unfortunatly, now she's all over another LotR guy, and this time its even worse. (I hope she doesn't decide to join the Forum. Oh, well.)
Anyway Legolas was an o.k. character when I read the book, but now I don't really like the character or Mr. Bloom. Change that, I don't like Legolas, I despise Orlando. That's better.
Power to the Orlando Bloom haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cheers* well said! :D

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