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Matched content, Wiki status and much less spam


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Jul 5, 2019
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Quick update on the forum maintenance and features

Matched content

In forum threads, below all the post replies, we now show "Matched content" which is provided by Google AdSense and aims to help you find other relevant and interesting topics.
- You can see it for example at the bottom of the page here: https://www.thetolkienforum.com/threads/are-there-too-many-dwarfs-with-bilbo-and-gandalf.28560/
For registered users, this will be ad-free, and for guests, it will also contain some ads.

Wiki status

I'm working on setting up the wiki structure so that we can easily create a structured and nice Wiki with relevant pages. Some users have already gotten access to view and edit the wiki.
If you also want access to help contribute with content to the pages, you can PM me here and ask.

Spam status

I'm glad to announce that the amount of spam on the forum is almost nonexistent at the moment, this partly thanks to placing some extra filters for spam keywords.
But mostly it is thanks to using an external service provided by CleanTalk that effectively block about ~400 spammers per week.
This allows us admins to focus on more important things than banning users.

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