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My OC's

Sir Gawain d'Orchany

To Rivendell where elves yet dwell
Jan 9, 2018
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Name: Aiden
Race: Noldorin Elf male
Birthplace: Gondolin In the F.A.
Family: Ecthelion (Father Dec), Lamaenora (Mother Dec), Andriel (Wife)
Home: Imladris
Skills: healer, herbalist, lore master, Knight of Imladris
Other names: "Little Flame" Aenoren, Mithrellas

Name: Theoden "Theo" Brandybuck
Race: Hobbit male
Birthplace: the Shire
Family: Meriadoc (Father)

Name: Theodred II
Race: Rohirim male
Birthplace: Edoras, Rohan
Family: Eomer (Father), Lothiriel (Mother), Elfwine (Brother), Eowyn (Aunt)

Name: Kili II
Race: Dwarf male
Birthplace: Aglarond
Family: Gimli (Father)
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