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New Guild Rules - PLEASE READ!


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Aug 18, 2001
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Denver, Colorado
Ok, this place is getting to be a disaster, so here's some new rules:

Current Guilds:

1. Be productive and creative. The whole idea of the guilds is to do things like quizzes and have deep discussions and the like. If you aren't contributing anything of value to TTF, I will delete you. I'm going to be going through all the guilds and seeing what they're up to, and if they deserve to remain. If I decide to delete one, I'll give a weeks notice.

2. Guilds are not to be back-and-forth one sentence chat rooms, even if you are on-topic. Again, guilds found doing this are to be deleted because they do not serve any useful purpose.

Starting a New Guild:

1. You MUST PM me and ask permission to start a new guild. In your pm, tell me:

a. Why you think a guild like this will be a valuable contribution to TTF.
b. What you plan on doing in this guild.
c. Why it has to be a guild and not, say, a thread in Stuff and Bother.

Any guilds started without asking me will be deleted.

2. If I give you permission to start your guild, make sure it has Guild in the title. Also, if possible, please try to keep a member list updated in the first post!

I know these rules are a little harsh, but this place really has gotten out of control. Over the next month I'll be going through each guild and seeing what will be staying and what won't. Guilds with last posts over two months old will be either deleted or archived, depending on what they are. I will try to pm the starters of those guilds to inform them of the move/deletion.

Thank you,

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