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Of the Re-ordering of the Mountain Kingdoms



OOC: I only said that about more land to fill the void. I would of gave it away whenever asked to because I do not want to own anything else. But I will if asked.

Dáin Ironfoot I

Vive la revolution!
Dec 1, 2002
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OOC: Uh, I didnt mean to sound so shallow, and I am fine with snaga making Swordmaster and Aule the new leaders of the kingdoms in question. I was just wary of the war RPGs turning into lighthearted ones that use *'s and such...

But I was referring to the other two kingdoms... what will become of them? I suggested just dividing them evenly amongst Swordmaster and Aule.

I realize the need to incorporate newer members into the RPG wars so for a change in pace. Just as long as everyone helps them get into the swing of things, which I understand was a problem in the last war.

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