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Verbatim et litteratim.
Mar 18, 2003
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Beraz grunted as he picked himself up and tried to displace the mud now caked in his beard, via dragon drool. He's experienced this before, and was now put in a foul mood as he knew it would take weeks before he stopped smelling of it, no matter how many baths he might take. "By all the smiths in Moria, see what I do for you Baruk," he mumbled.

"Baruk?" one of the elves questioned. "One of your kin?"

"No!" Beraz snapped. "One of her kin!" he said, wagging a finger toward the large dragon. He took a deep breath, and was silent for a second. "And my dearest of friends whom is missing," he said in a much more solemn tone.

The dragon roared with laughter. "No self respecting dragon would befriend a dwarf. Your kinds are blood-enemies from the days when the world was young!"

"I saved Baruk was he was but a hatchling," Beraz whispered, as if lost in memory. "My father, uncles, and cousins took his mother's life - though of this I have told my friend little - and I was a young dwarf then and took the nearly matured egg into a hiding place I knew. Baruk was born, and new no other as his parent and protector. When he was old enough, we left the mountains together."

"That is some story," the second elf mused. "But I can hear no deception in your voice, dwarf. In fact, I might take a guess at your name."

Baraz raised his eyebrows. "Guess away, elf."

"You are Baraz," the elf said, as though she was certain. "You are known as the dwarven ranger among my kin - a wayward babe of your brethern. I did not know you had a dragon companion though."

Baraz was startled. He did not know that who he was was so widely known. Sure, he'd spend time time among the elves, and more time in the wilds, but he had never really spoken of himself as any dwarf of greatness. He was of humble birth, honestly. On the other hand, that dratted dragon-slayer had also known of him, so why indeed should he be surprised that these elves might have heard of him as well.

"It is so," Baraz admitted. "I have come in search of my friend." He then turned back to the dragon. "And you should know, oh sister of my brother, that a dragon-slayer whom some call Jayden is on your trail, and it was he who attacked you tonight, I think in hopes to make our meeting begin in ill temper. Be advised he has given to some of the nearby flock of sheep some herbs which to them his harmless, but upon your consumption will make you vulnerable."

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