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RP Profile


Tárakaliel of Mirkwood
Jan 4, 2002
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Who really knows?
I was thinking, why don't we have an RP Profile where you can tell people your race, looks,wepons in and anything else. Just and idea. :)

Here's my profile, kind of an expamle: (Major update since the beginning.)

Name: May or Shadow
Elven name: Tárakaliel
Creature: Elf
Age: 900...give or take a few years.
Gender: Female
Place Born:Mirkwood

Looks: Black long hair, soft sea blue, 5'10, scar on left arm. (Refer to avatar)

Language: May is an elf, and speaks the language of the elves, but she is a bit rusty.

Wepons: Sword with elvish markings, a black bow with white decoration, and a dagger.
Magic Yes/No: Knows only a little bit of elven magic.

Family: Does not know family, was abandoned reason not known.
History: Born in Mirkwood without a name or family. Founded by a lone travler and was named May. The travler raised to be and fight like men. When she could live on her own, she bid farewell to the traveler and set out. She one day hopes to return to him. When she left, she searched for family, but no success. With her life so far, her closest friends are Lytra, Glory and Astaldolosswen. It may not be family but her horse Iarbeleth, meaning swift, is a reminder of Lytra's company that she has had.

Personality: May has a sense of humour. She enjoys the company of her very close friends but she has for most of her life traveled middle-earth alone. When she is called upon, her heart becomes serious, and is willing to do almost anything to please anyone.

Clothing/Armor: White tunic and black leggings. On top of her white tunic, she wears a silver leather like shirt. On the bottum of the shirt are imprints of leaves in a lighter shade of silver, black leather boots and a black cloak.
First Layer: Dark blood red long sleeve shirt.
Second: Lighter red short sleeve shirt made from leather. Small black buckles down the middle, like buttons.

Wears a black belt and black leggings. Black cloak and black leather boots.

You can add anything else you like!
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Lady Writer
Aug 20, 2001
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Nova Scotia
lol :D

Name: Kementari (nickname: Goldberry)
Creature: Maia
Age: very very old, been in ME for 15 years
Gender: Female
Place born: In the Depths of Time

Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, 5 '10 and a half

Weapons: Bow, Dagger
Magic: Lots

Family: I'm a child of Eru
Pets: a silver-grey horse who is named Mirroch, and a white eagle with a golden beak and wing feathers named Curulin
History: Came to Arda just after the Ainulindale; lived in Valinor for several ages; was a student of Yavanna and Ulmo and in the service of Lorien and Varda; came to Middle-Earth to marry Ciryaher Hyarmendacil of Arnor

Personality: Very quiet; quick tempered: laughs and gets angry very easily; very protective over her hubbie

***has been updated***
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Grand Master (Funk)
Dec 28, 2001
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Name: Ragnarok
Creature: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Place Born: Unknown

Looks: 6'1'', wears a Black Cloak at all times

Weapons: Two massive swords (Duel wield)
Magic: Dark Magic (not Evil though)

Family: None
History: Always been in Arda. (An enigma like Tom and Ungoliant)

Personality: Withdrawn, I stick to myself and don't interfere in anyone's business, and don't let anyone interfere in my business.

BTW, what's this post for? It seemed cool, and I wanted to post what I would be like (want to be like) as a warrior in ME.


Registered User
Dec 21, 2001
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Where ever im taken
Name: Nawalasse or lugnigrond
Place born:Beleriand

Looks: fair/dark hair Blue eyes 6'3 birth mark on the back of his leg

Weapons: his Mind and a small bow+ dagger for desperate situations.

Magic:herb Lore, poetry

Family:his farther was a great human cavalier who died 5 months after Nawalasse was born from illness
his mother silmeselde was an Elven musician (the harp)
he was an only child.

Personality: he is strong willed,and sometimes too honest with what he says, war and fighting too him are always a last resort.
but if needs be he can defend himself, he preferes diplomacy to all but the dark forces of mordor
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Sic Lucreat Lux
Jan 3, 2002
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Practicing Wicca Honorably
Creature:half-Elven half-Ranger
Place born:Imladris

Looks:5'6, brown hair, grey eyes, weather worn Ranger clothes, always wrapped in a travel-stained cloak.

Weapons:sharp sword, and long bow.

Magic:some herb-lore and Elven history

Family:half-brother Aragorn, half-brother Glorfindel, father Arathorn, mother name unknown

History:a Ranger's hard life

Personality:depends only on herself. loves both of her brothers, but hardly gets to see them. much like Aragorn-aloof, alone, here for her friends when they have need of her.


Name: Earie
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Elf (silvan)
Place of Birth: doesn't remember
Weapon: longbow, lance of dragonhorn
magic: a shapeshifter. some herb-lore
Family: none. Raised by Thanduril from age 13. Adoptive sister of Legolas.

Description: Spunky, independent tomboy. Has no memory of life before thanduril took her in. rather anti-social by nature, she prefers to be alone in peace and quiet, though she is a skilled fighter at need.

Physical: Golden hair, gray eyes, tanned skin, short and thin


Witch of Resurrection
Aug 18, 2001
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Baltimore, MD, United States
Name: Ciryaher Penngristion Hyarmendacil III

Race: Edain, Male

Age: 94

Birthplace: Dol Amroth

Official Titles: Emperor of Arnor, Grand Admiral of the Arnorian Navy, Prince of Dol Amroth

Occupations: Soldier, Leader, Seafarer

Languages: Adûnaic, Quenya, Sindarin, Kuduk, Rohirric, Westron

Family: Father - Tarsoron Penngristion (directly descended from Halbarad the Dunadan); Mother - Liltaíel (directly descended from Amroth)

History: became knight at 17, commanded first army at 20, crowned King of Gondor at 39, passed crown on to King Mike at 57 and fought in the War, took Crown of Arnor at 61, proclaimed Emperor at 89; married to the beautiful Emperess Kementari at age 60

Appearance: 5'9", short light-brown hair, many scars, sea-grey eyes, medium build

Weapons: Bearded Axe, Obsidian-Bladed macana, Numenorean steel recurved bow

Clothing: Pharaoic outfit with headdress; knee-length linen kilt; sandals; gem-studded, ornamental bandoliers; light cloth tunic

Armour (added to clothing in battle): Steel breastplate, greaves, sleeves, and vambraces; round, gilded shield with the emblem of Atannore

Personality: stern and proud, generous, forgiving of those who deserve it, very kind to those close to himself, loving and paternal; can quickly become a cruel and vengeful person when certain strings are pulled
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Dark Lord of Arda
Aug 19, 2001
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Age-Don't make me count, to many 0's
Birthplace-I can't even remember, as some Maia who does, we're all from nearly the same place.
Official Title-Dark Lord of Arda
Occupations-Ruler, diplomat, scholar
Family-Great father Eru Illuvatar
History-Stayed in Valinor till Ungoliant and Melkor felled the two trees, traveled under night with them, and went to Thangorodrim. Became High captian of the east, and waged war against the Elves of Beleriand, next in line to Sauron, though never mentioned, Melkor's secret Captain. Was at the fall of Gondolin, and led astrike through the center of the city, took great plunder. Upon the breaking of Thangorodrim escaped before the herelds of the West, and never repented for service of Melkor. Took to the Mountains of Ash in Mordor before Sauron arrived, and layed foundations of Barad-Gostannen. Upon sauron's departure to Numenor forged alliance with dwarves of the Iron Hills, and departed from evil, mined the mountains with the dwarves. Then forged is great mithril crown/helm inlayed with the jewels of Ash, and forged Dagraharnol, a blade of silver, mithril, and a great and presiocus redjem, which forever gave it the color of Crimson, and it glowed. Upon return of Sauron dwarves waged war on myself, and I grew to hate them, and made an alliane with Sauron, and so escaped knowledge yet again. Remained Silent till Sauron's fall, when i took his remaining forces. Again grew to trust and befriended dwarves, now great friends, and partiipated in war. At the end repented for first time for entire service,and nearly returned to Valinor. Reforged might in the darkness and now posses Great lands.
Appearence- 6'8", blond/brown hair average length, "fair" skin, appear youthful, grey eyes.
Weapons-Dagraharnol, Cithabanga, and my great axe.
Armour-great black mail of steel, with belt of gold and a thick underlayer of protection from small bits of crystals of Ash.
Personality-Kind, generous, sometimes hot-tempered, friendly, and sly.


Registered User
Jan 6, 2002
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Australia (no i have never seen a wild platypus)

i am kwiver,
Elvish princess, i am companion to Legolas on his journeys
My horse is a purebred Mare, chosen for me from Rohans top horses.
I am most talented in tracking, animal speech, archery and swiftness.
i was born in Mirkwood and am a frequent visitor in Rivendell
My hair Glows the colour of polished wood, and i am seen mostly wearing green, to prevent detection on my Quests and voyagers.


Ranger of the Brotherhood
Dec 17, 2001
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Name: Wizdomomus (Peop's usialy call me wizdom) Shadowcrow
Race: Man
Age: 190,020
Gender: male
Looks: Shoulder length black hair, 6'4", Bright green eyes, broad shouders, sad yet handsome face
Weopons: Bow, Sword, hatchet
Magic: Yes, I'm a silver wizard, and a wood wizard
Family: Brother Luke died in war. Biological farther dead. Mother dead. Leagal farther left when 14
Personality: Keeps quiet for the most part. very distant with people. Great friend and amazing bowman and can handle himself with a sword. Doesn't have many friends. LIkes to climb up trees, (Must be the elf in me) likes to think. Has a pet talking wolf who was magicked to stay the size of a puppey.
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Annunpaur of the West
Jan 7, 2002
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Name: Shavi-Eogthea
Creature: Half-Elven
Age: Too old to count
Place of Birth:Gray Havens

Looks:piercing blue-green eyes; long golden hair with odd deep brown streaks
Weapons: rowan bow and arrows; daggers
Magic:immense knowledge of herbs;

Family: Though born in the Gray Havens of Silvan lineage; Father: human fighter: Shavron; Mother: Eotha
History:Taken in by elves in Rivendell when her father died while she was an infants in an attack by orcs. Her mother left Rivendell when she was young to seek out relatives and never found her daughter again but only a year later Eogthea left on her own.

Personality:Highly independent; a wild free spirit; usually keeps to herself; if she makes a friend is intensely loyal; loves the wood
Clothing:common green travelling clothing; rides a roan stallion when travelling over long distanceds
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Kit Baggins

Thain Kit I
Dec 10, 2001
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Hobbiton, the Shire
Name: Kit Baggins (full name Kitmurvy, but nobody ever remembers that!)

Race: Hobbit

Gender: male

Age: 33

Birthplace: Hobbiton, the Shire

Looks: 4'2, curly red hair with blonde streaks, green eyes, freckles, rather thin for a hobbit

Weapons: elven-sword, bow and arrows, daggers

Clothing: green and yellow travelling clothes, grey elven-cloak, mithril chainmail shirt

Personality: cheerful, easy-going, fairly brave for a hobbit, strong-willed, intelligent.

Occupation: Thain of the Shire, Guildmaster of the Guild of Artillery Operators
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Lucie Baggins

Mayor of the Shire
Dec 14, 2001
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Hobbiton, the Shire
Name: Lucie Baggins

Race: Hobbit

Age: 21

Gender: female

Birthplace: Hobbiton, the Shire

Appearance: 3'11", waist-lenght wavy blonde hair, hazel eyes, dazzling smile *ting!*

Clothes: green dress, mithril chainmail shirt, grey elven-cloak

Weapons: bow and arrows, knife, sword

Talents: good with horses

Personality: shy, easy-going, friendly, charming :p

Rides a grey mare named Giltinta and owns a cat called Feather

Occupation: Mayor of the Shire
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Governor of Imladris
Dec 11, 2001
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Name: Aredhel

Race: High Elf, Noldor

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Birthplace:Formenost, in Valinor

Titles: Lady of Rivendell, White Lady of the Elves

Family: Fingolfin was her uncle, he was her father's brother,

Appearance: stands about 5'11, has shoulder-length straight raven black hair, green eyes are filled with inherent sadnesses of Middle-earth, fair skin, slender build

Clothes: varies between green and silver, necklace of mithril and gold, amulet, ring

Weapons: long, white knife at waist, sometimes carries bow

Personality: proud, soft-spoken, sadness speaks for her.
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Registered User
Jan 7, 2002
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The Land of Rohan
Name: Galan Black

Race: Human

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Gondor

Titles: A Wizard.

Family: None

Appearence: Tall, Slim with Blue Robes. Has a pale blue hat. He also has long brown hair that is unbrushed.

Weapons: A staff.

History: None.


All Knowing Magic Cat
Dec 17, 2001
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Moving on the whim of the military
Elgee i Nanar, Hailfor cal i Li-Malt

For those of you who don't speak the language of Baya (Which is everyone besides me. I invented the mess...).
I am Elgee the Babbler, Healer of the True People. We are the true people because we believe in truth and because we are extremely gullible.

Gender: Female.
Location: Where ever I can get an audience or I feel particularly needed, but I spend a lot of time at home. My place is Baya. It is a small, isolated village of about thirty people near Bree. We speak mostly common tongue and our own language which is... well an erradic tongue with no verb form (Basically, we don't have past, present or future tense, because I have not studied languages enough to figure them out.).
Looks: Let's just say I'm short, but considered average amongst my people. I'm dazzlingly beautiful... Just take my word for it! I have blonde hair which grows about to my waist before I go home for vacation and my mother cuts it. My eyes are kitten like and warm brown. I'm round faced and still dazzling no matter what any body else says... :D
Family: A bunch of them. Just about everyone in Baya is related. We also happen to be a little... quirky....
Age: 17 and ticking, but I prefer to act about ten years short of my age.
Weapons: I'm all right with the bow, but I can't go hunting because it makes me cry... :(
Skills: I am a healer with enough Medicinal Dragon Blood to last a lifetime. I am also able to talk anything to death. I was given a frying pan to hit people with by Nain of the Rangers. I can use it for cooking or mass destruction.
Clothing: Whatever is comfortable. I like to be pretty though. Blue is my favorite color. :)
Personality: Sweet, naive, quirky, flirtacious, shy on entry, but once I get to know you beware of the tongue, creative, a brilliant story teller, good with kids (Is it just me or is this starting to sound like a personal add?), love cats.
Friends: Anyone who stands next to me for more than five minutes. I have two trained cats who Dain would not let me take on my first adventure. I am a Ranger, and the Ranger's offical jester...
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Mithers the Grand Wizard
Oct 29, 2001
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The White Council;Rohan
Name: Mithrandir, to friends I am known as Mithers

Race:Maia, but can shapeshift into any race I want.

Positions:The High Wizard of the White Council and Founder of the Wizards Guild, Second in Command and High Counciler of Rohan, Wizard of Cardolan

Titles:Mithers the Grand Wizard, Mithrandir the Wizard of Cardolan

Positions:Grnad Wizard of the White Council, and Wizards Council, High Counciler of Rohan, A High Chair in the War Council of the White, Wizard of Cardolan, and member of the Senate of Attorne.


Age:No one Knows

Appearance:A tall elven like being.Sharp elven ears,grey hair, and the height of a man. Clad in white, even the breastplate aromor I wear is white, w/ a white cloak that has a red interior. On the back is the emblem of the white council in silver. Attached to my mithril belt is my majical sword given to me by none other than King Eomer of Rohan,and my Mithril bow. Slung across his back is his Mithril quiver given to him by Mike B. for his Birhtday. My eyes seem to have a glow to them.

Weapons: Mithril Sword given to me by King Eomer Mithril Bow and quiver given to me by Mike B. and now my hands hold my power in them(meaning my attacks come from either, my weapons or my hands themseleves w/ majic)

History:I used to take the form of an old man, but when called on an urgent mission w/ Ciryaher and other powerful friends I finally took my true form. This form has perfected all my fighting skills(swordsmanship, archery, etc) and has given me magic ability to powerful to even speak about. In this transformation I lost my staff for I no longer needed it to help me walk, instead I unleash my power through my hands and my weapons. The rest of my history is known only to me.
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King of Gondor
Jan 1, 2002
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Name: Valar or erlidor

Race: Dúnedain

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Wildlands near the misty mountains

Titles: Forth captin of the Mark

Occupations: Silver wizard, ranger and protector of the innocent.

Familly: Mother- Arenil. Father- Iporin, both slain by orcs at 15

History: After death of his parents, vowed to protect innocent and reap rengence for parents death.

Apperance:6'2, shaved head, stuble, Sky blue eyes, fit and quite muscular. Dark green weatherd clothes and cloke, Over mithril armour, Sliver cross pendant (his fathers)

Weapons: Wooden staff, with gold and silver inlays, Long bow with black arrows, Long elven knife. A sword called Enendi, which was given to his on the voyage to the uttermost.
A horse called Menelus given to him bu Eomer.

Personaly: A free spirit, who finds it hard to become close to people, but when he does he is a loyal friend. charming and mysterous.
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Someone out there?
Aug 28, 2001
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Vestfold, Norway
Name: Telchar

Race: Dwarven

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Official Title: Dark Lord of Ambra, Lord of Zirak Khazad

Occupations: Ruler, smith, scholar

Family: Decendant of Mahal

History: Little is known about the Dwarves of Eriador

Appearence: 3,8' tall, long black hair and beard, dark eyes and dark skin..

Weapons: Bearded Axe, War Hammer, two short swords..

Armour: Silver colored mail of Mithril, Dragon Helmet, sheild

Personality: Calm, Quiet, friendly..
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