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RP Profiles for Mithril Knights RP



Name: Grandlyon Grunsrock

Race: Dwarf

Age: 114

Height 4' 6"

Gender: Male

Born: Blue Mountins

Home: Dwarf Darrow in Heren Istarion.

Family: Father Ghloin died mining in the Blue Mountins by falling off a cliff. His Mother died by an orc raid. He has no brothers and sisters.

Weapons: One long axe. And two smaller axes that he can use at the same time. He can also carry if he wants double sided axes that he can throw for a distance attack.

Armour: A mail of Mithril made by his father. That is all he has to remember his father by. He wears a helmet made of iron. He wears boots made of tough leather. And various iron and leather armor around his body.

Apperence: He looks like an average dwarf with a beard of brownish-red. He has many scapes and cuts on his face and arms.

History: After his dad died all the other dwarves found it funny that his dad died so embarrishly. The other dwarves called him Grandlyon Sliperyfoot. He lived in the Blue Mountins until his mother died. Then after that he moved to the Dwarf Darrow in Heren Istarion.

Pony: His pony his named Ghloin after his father. He is brown with a black hair above his head.


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Jan 7, 2003
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Middle Earth
name-Jilivsarmar aka Jili
family-has never known anyone from her family
weapons-a bow from Lothrein, and 2 swords.
appearence-one blue one green eye. tall with white blond hair, wears a Saphire blue gown, but when in battle brown pants and boots with a green shirt and a cloak from Lothrein. she also wears a gold circlet with opals all around it.
horse- a Palomino Stallion sired from a wild horse from the mountains. Named War Emblem
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