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Servant of the valar.


The Blue Wizzard
Mar 30, 2005
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Merry old Englaand
"Begone old fool" the black figure cried and all those around him fell to the floor in fear"Thou knowest not the the power whitch you contend".
Writhing on the ground was Iantian, he felt like he was being plunged in icy water and hope died in his heart. In despair he looked upon the figure as if cared of black stone it had not moved since its arivail.
But standing oposite was Iantian's tutor and old freind.He stood perfactly still his hand resting on a staff of oak and staring at the Black shadow before him.They had no name for him here but a man of lore had called him Ithadan, the blue man.
"Nay" He cried"i know what power i contend with, and i tell you we do not need to march under sauron! Begone shadow!"
A cackle arouse "You will not march under sauron but the people of this village will or it will be burnt to the ground!"
"Begone, khamul."
A hiss of breath drew in from the one named khamul by Ithadan,"Oh an Istari it seems that the wizzard thinks he alone can fight Sauron very well!"
"I am a sevant of the serect fire, now begone! Fire lepted up from the ground and the black shape jumped on its horse and was gone.


Well, I'm Back
Jul 9, 2005
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Here and There and Everywhere
The boy slowly bent down, tears filled his eyes. His home was destroyed, burned by the evil Sauron and his minions. He saw the ashes of his father with a his forged sword from Lothlorien, his mother and brothers didn't know what was coming. He picked up his father's sword, curiously it was light. "I swear by my honor, I will destroy you!" He yelled through the smoke. He pulled his cloak tight around him and wiped away his tears, he didn't know how an 11 year old boy would take out a full-grown man. He slowly walked away from the sight, the sword was wrapped on his back, it was only a shortsword but it was big to him.

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