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Sily questions, I know.


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Dec 1, 2001
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Just wanted to clear up some things I've been wondering from the book and stuff.

1: When Elves are slain, they go to Valinor right? And so they can just live on there like nothing changed? Also, do they live exactly like the elves that came from Middleearth via ship?(ie. run around and sing and prance)

2: Middlearth is one big continent, and Valinor is another right? And Numenòr lied between these two?

3: What happens to the elves that "die" the human way? (Arwen and Lùthien). Do they go beyond the confines of the world like humans, or do they go to Valinor?

Yes, that will do for now.


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Oct 31, 2001
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Somewhere in a Tolkien story.
Answers are as follows: (this is as Grond understands them, not in carved in concrete).

1) Elves die and go to the Halls of Mandos to await some future event. They do not return to Valinor, per se. They must stay in the confines of Mandos. As to what their lives consist of, I don't know. Cian??? you got any idea?

2) Middle-earth is portrayed as one large land mass which doesn't mean there aren't smaller islands of its coast. Valinor was at one time to the West of Middle-earth but after the sinking of Numenor was moved to where it is now only accesable by the Elves of Cirdan. Numenor was the closest land mass of Middle-earth to Valinor. It was said that from the peaks of Numenor, one could sometimes discern the coast of Valinor.

3) Neither Luthien nor Arwen were Elves nor Eldar. They had both remanded their souls to the human realm and suffered the fate or (curse) of man. This placed their souls under the dominion of Mandos, though we don't know where their souls reside, whether in some other Hall of his abode or somewhere in the void.

There you have it as Grond understands. Any errors made will be shortly corrected by other more learned members of this forum.

BTW, welcome to our forum and thank you for your question. Our duty here in The Tolkien Forum is to learn and to inform.:)

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