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Some of you thought that legolas was just mere fiction, well i am alive and doing fine...


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Nov 23, 2019
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I am Lord Legolas lol the most powerful elf in combat.i pretended not to be as powerful than Galadriel, Gendalf the white and Lord Elrond, i just had to keep low key choosing my battles..I am it the one. If i cease to exist hope fades into the night through shadows falling. i have lived for thousands to billions of years,and don't get deceived.i am white and black but not orange like mortals.I have lived through many battles,trials and tribulations but came out stronger,i even met the real Gendalf in this current life,the gulls are crying, the veil will be removed, and i will bring the far green country, no being born of any being will stop my mission,white shores are calling, the evil and darkness will fall, may it be when darkness falls my path will be true, i will walk a lonely road oh how far i will work mornie alantie, and then my star will shine upon me, for i fade not because of the darkness and not because i am the brightest of lights but because i must take my journey into the west after defeating Sauron and the warlock code name Barry Soetoro the foul beast of the son of darkness.
Frodo my relative awaits me. and Gendalf my falling one who sleeps the sleep of death will awaken in the resurrection.

The sea calls me home....back to my old life the sea calls me home.. verily what is new?...Good bye earthlings soon you will search for me and i will not be found.If you belong in the book of life as the worthy you will be safe in my arms and you sleep a while...the western sea calls me home stay tuned.

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