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The backstory of my OC

Sir Gawain d'Orchany

To Rivendell where elves yet dwell
Jan 9, 2018
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Being a Part of the Fall of Gondolin

The battle to decide the fate of Gondolin rapidly approaches. Ecthelion (the Lord of the Fountain) stands with his wife Kora and their son Aiden. Ecthelion took his son by the shoulders “Little Flame, my son, you must leave Gondolin with your mother and the rest of our people! I must lead the people of the Fountain to battle.”

Aiden hugged his father tightly. He pulled back, his grey eyes brimming with tears: “Father no! I won't leave you!”

Ecthelion smiled sadly: “You must go! Now! Always remember that I love you my son. I shall always be with you.” He kissed his son on the forehead before turning to his mortal wife: "Look after our son. Teach him both our ways. I love you.” He kissed Kora and charged off to battle.

Kora took Aiden by the arm and the two rushed off. Kora screamed as a Balrog tore her away from her son with its whip. Aiden turned and cried: “Mother!” Before he is knocked unconscious.

Aiden awakens in an unfamiliar land with a searing headache and has no memories of how he ended up here. He looks around and sees grey leaves: “Hmm...Mithrellas...seems as good a name as any…” He looked up to a sign that said Rivendell. “Onward to Rivendell”

Aiden means "Little Flame" in Gaelic
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