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The C9's MSN Messenger and AIM Accounts

Wonko The Sane

Aredhel Ar-Feiniel
May 6, 2002
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The Dark Tower, 'neath the growing threat in the E
The C9's MSN Messenger

In order to provide you with 24 hour service and easier access if you need to ask questions, have a dispute, or need to contact us for any reason, the C9 will be monitoring the MSN messenger and AIM accounts nearly 24 hours a day.

Somebody will try to be on at all times. Right now the task falls mostly to me because I have an "always on" connection, but we will all take turns manning the account so you'll always know we're here when you need us.

Our MSN account is: [email protected]

Our AIM account is: TTF Council of 9

Thanks! And I hope this sparks a new and helpful era for the C9 and the TTF members!


Our Yahoo messenger account: [email protected]
Our ICQ account: 284037447
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