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The Court of Last Battle by R.C. Black - My Own High Fantasy - Novella - IN the Works!


The Wandering Wastrel
May 13, 2016
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Mission Viejo, California
Hi All!

So, instead of the High Fantasy Novel first, I am starting my High Fantasy with a Novella called: "The Court of Last Battle", with the same High Fantasy Character as in the novel.

Here's my starting description for the story:

Frozen to the Bone and Jagged at the Core...
Sleeping in literal fox dens, falsely accused, will a dreaded Trial by Combat save the life of a young drifter by the name of Branwen? And will old Royal secrets and acts of banditry destroy the reputation of the Greatest Archer in Arundur? Branwen must use all her wits, tricks, and skills of survival to ensure her reputation is saved and more importantly her life, in the dreaded tundra and sleet capped mountains of Laurion."

Let me know what you think so far!

Coming soon!


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