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The Doom of Men

Erestor Arcamen

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Nov 30, 2004
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Pittsburgh, PA
I, Erestor Arcamen, Master Swordsman and Archer, pledge my allegiance to the movement against the age of men. I have the gift of forsight, and i have forseen the outcome of an age of men. The fourth age shall last tenfold as long compared to the first three ages. There will be great distruction, forests shall burn, locations of great beauty will become inhabited by and destroyed by men. Everything that the first great king, Elessar had worked for, shall be turned to evil. The homes of the periannath shall be turned to ruin, and the periannath themselves, enslaved until their great demise. The end of the fourth age shall come and men shall still yet dominate, and the races of dwarves and periannath shall be at an end, for men shall conquer all and become like insects, a pestilence in Middle Earth. Men shall kill one another, and more shall be killed by their own hands than by the hand of Sauron himself. For great evil is to come if the race of men should survive. Men must be stopped before these things are to come, for if they are not stopped now, there will be never a chance again. Now is the time, with the downfall of Sauron, and the weakness from the great battles, Gondor and Rohan both are vulnerable, and are now susceptible to annihiliation. For I have spoken.
Ok, this rp is gonna be a group of rogue elves who believe that, since Sauron is defeated, that their people (the elves) have finally conquered Morgoth in his entirety. He has fallen, his greatest of all servants has fallen, and the orcs are all in hiding. The elves believe that men do not deserve to have a ruling place in the world. So this group of elves begins to cause trouble between the people of Rohan and Gondor. Gondor believes it is Rohan desiring more power, and Rohan believes it is Gondor trying to take the lands of the Mark for its own. This is the story of that group of elves, and their adventures in the attempts at the downfall of men. Anyone who wishes to join in this please feel free to post.

It is 200 years since the fall of Sauron, and a group of elves have survived the world of men, and have not faded. These elves have taken up the halls of Mirkwood. They do not keep to themselves though, they have one goal in their minds, to bring back the days of old, when elves walked freely over the lands and there were little or no men. The elves were once the dominant race in Middle Earth, and these elves desire to achieve that greatness once again.

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