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Jun 12, 2003
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"In the pits of Sauron Beren and Felagund lay..."

- Aghhhhhhh!!!

These eyes. Hollow eyes. So cold and misty... seem like pale lights of fires gleaming among a mist that gathers at the foot of the hills at dusk... flooded by darkness deeper than that of the night's cloak. Like a nightmare. Yet, it is not a dream we are in. They are real, maybe even too real. Lethal... merciless... deadly-accurate... killing at will. Eyes. Mirrors of a tormented fëa - wild spirit ensnared inside a ruthless body of a wolf. Mad, furious, never at ease... the werewolf of Sauron. He threatened to slay us cruelly, unless one would betray the truth about our names and purposes... and he kept his word. Surely he is called Gorthaur the Cruel.

- No, please!! Noooo!! Aghhh!!

My people. Ten of them. The ten. The truest, most faithful, the only ones to stay loyal to his King. To me. My companions, my... friends. How will I ever repay you? You came along with me on this hopless road though I was abandoned by all. They broke their oaths of faith. You stayed until the bitter end, in this dungeon of misery and suffering. Put to a terrible test and still remained loyal; even now, when death, looking into your eyes, takes away these last breaths of your being and sends your spirits back to the Halls of Awaiting, far in the West.

- Edrahil...

- My Lor...<snap>

That was the last of them. The last of my companions. Farewell, my friends, farewell. Now it is only me. Left alone. With him. The child of Men. Men... I remember well my first encounter with them. In Ossiriand. They were so joyful and carefree. Seemed as the ones who had reached at last the land whithout fear. I remember all: my first teachings to them, long debates about their past, Bëor offering his service to the house of Finarfin. Bëor the Old. I will always remember him. And Barahir... how could I ever forget him? It was thanks to his mighty deed, brave and mad at the same time, that I can be here... yes, I'm here because of Barahir, because of him saving my life, but also because I swore an oath to him. The oath of abiding friendship and aid to him and all his kin. In every need. And the need finally came. In the person of him, Beren, son of Barahir, and his "quest"...
Sauron doesn't know who is the most important in this quest... doesn't realise. He probably thinks me to be the "one". I revealed my power before him in that contest of songs of power; I had no choice, but he occurred powerful. More powerful than me. Though he didn't find out my name, he must have already guessed my kinship... that I am one of the Noldor. That is why he will wish to "spare" me till the end. No. I cannot let that happen... I will not.

What was that? Ah, it is the sound of doom. It is approaching. I can hear its every footstep, heavy steps... getting nearer and nearer. Lauder and lauder. Like an avalanche in the mountains, heading from afar, starting with silence, but reaching the spot with an enourmous rumble. Fate has come upon me. I can feel it. I felt it long ago. I foresaw it...

There is no time left. I must gather all strength to me... all power that is left in me... all "shards" of life that flows in my vains... must... break these... bonds...

...and he wrestled with the werewolf, and slew it with his hands and teeth; yet he himself was wounded to the death. He died then in the dark, in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, whose great tower he himself had built. Thus King Finrod Felagund, fairest and most beloved of the house of Finwe, redeemed his oath...

color emphasis - original text of Tolkien's "The Silmarillion"
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Hope brings Death...
Oct 11, 2002
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Now I post this delayed essay about Gil-Galad's last thoughts and I wish it is not judged too. I devote it to GG with all my love!Enjoy, brother. :)

* * *

My Final Breath is immortal, for I am the last High King of the Noldor!

'I fulfilled my nature duty, my moral obligation... I am now useful no more, needed no more... Alas, i wilt be sorrowed...'


' Nay! I wish not to hear the happiness and glory of my home, for I wilt be tempted to live! I wish not to find the peace of the mortal for my destiny is my death!'


'Wilt I not let this words flow into my mind! I am immortal and doomed to die! I wilt proudly meet my faith, my Lords, my Creators!'


'Ereinion my people named me, Gil-Galad as well; the last High King I am...for a glance more...a breath more...'


'...for I wilt die! I beared the Vilya, indeed; I foed the dark Lord and allied the Great Kings Elrond, Elendil for Great Kings of Hearts and Admiration they are...'


'But what words are enemying my mind; poisoning and distracting my last thoughts and desires...Only the sorrow is worth enough, might enough to dry my concious, but the sorrow is over, isn't it? Were I not the one to fight against the Foe of All and see his inevitable death, his invisible leathal grief...?'


'From now on only peace wilt rule, peace and happiness for my people, my friends, my home! I die for their lives, I die for I love them! I die because I am calm and certain in their bright future!'


'Oh, I am happy now! I hear my desires redeeming, my deeds repaying! My life is this victory; my death is this victory; I lived for this victory! This victory, my friends, is for thee!'

"Victory is..."

'Flow, flow words and please my dying soul...I fought for you, words, for your echo in my mind, for you are most precious! I made you with my dearest Aeglos, unvaluable more than wife and children! I fought with the One created to die with me in this battle! I shall now pass away... I shall give my self to the glorious Valar... I shall forget the grief for I see the v...vi...vic...vict...victo...victor...VICTORY!'

Gil-Galad's eyes shutted, his last breath 'screamed' with pain his last desire! he was glad, he was at peace.

"Victory is lost!'
This was the roar of a warrior. His words echoed in the mountains, his despair flooded the valley.
Gil-Galad flickered in his dream...

Isildur had betrayed...


Jul 26, 2002
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This is a copy of Eol's writing that by mistake went to the archieved thread . :eek:

* * *

The Confessions of Turin Turambar

The spring of 485, First Age

Indeed today was indeed a terrible one for the heir of Hurin Thalion! The fool Saeros has fallen to his death, and I am blamed for it. The fool thought to slay me, and lay in wait after out quarrel last night. No harm did I wish to come to him, and even though he was disarmed, I slew him not. Nay, instead I stripped him of all his clothing, and bade him run through the woods like a deer, for so his words turned on him. I pursued him through the woods, until the Deer’s Leap. There, in fright, he leapt, but his footing failed on the far shore. Indeed, even yestereve he said that ‘If the men are thus unkempt, then how must the women be? Do they run naked through the forest like wild deer?’ At this I took up my cup, and cast it at his head, leaving the halls. Thus mine was an appropriate judgment, and not worthy of exile as has been given me. Even Mablung, he who was once my friend, has doubted me. For though he said it not, I could see distrust in his eyes. Thus I am cast into the wild in exile, and tomorrow I head south of the river Teiglin. May Hurin’s heir find better luck there!

The summer of 485, First Age

Whether by fortune or fate, I encountered a band of outlaws this afternoon. Charged with death for intrusion on their territory, I bent to pick a stone and slay any who came near. At that very moment, one of the outlaws let loose a shaft. It passed over my head, but I stood and cast the stone, killing the man. The poor fools! They have accepted me, but perhaps it is best they do not know my true identity. I name myself now Neithan, the Wronged, for so I was in Doriath.

The winter of 581, First Age

This eve Glaurung has fallen at my hand, but the evil tidings outweigh the good ones. Niniel, my fair wife is none other than Nienor, the sister I had not seen. As Glaurung died, his lies were revealed to me. In a flash I saw all that had befallen as it truly was, without the distorted sight of Morgoth Bauglir. Today is the last of my life, for now there are none who will take Turin Turambar, and there are none who would seek companionship with him. I have only one possession left, that is Gurthang, the fell blade carried with me since exile from Doriath. This also I will take with me in death, for nothing of mine should remain with the free peoples of Middle Earth. I say farewell to cares of the world, and cast myself upon my blade. Sweet darkness, take me now…


Verbatim et litteratim.
Mar 18, 2003
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Um..wow i feel so weird in here. I'm not used to people who acctually are talking about major Topics. I don't even know if I'm in the right place, but I'll give it a try. So anyway, I had to do a speach of my choice for a class I'm taking and I chose to talk about where Tolkien got all his idea for the names he put into Lord of the Rings. After finishing it I though that maybe you guys would enjoy it more than my Public Speaking teach so here it is...


I am going to be telling to you about how JRR Tolkien came up with all of the names he put into Lord of the Rings. Where did they all come from? Hundreds of names were put into these epic tales and not one name, neither good nor evil, was without meaning. This includes people, countries, river, creatures, and cultures. Before I go directly into the specific names I want to give you a little background on where Tolkien got his ideas.
JRR Tolkien was a professor at Oxford University in England from the late 1920’s to the late 1960’s. He had been fascinated by languages from the time he was a boy and before the end of his life he was fluent in sixteen different languages which did not include the tongues he created for his beloved Middle Earth. These languages spanned from French to Norwegian to Ancient Greek. If it was out there, he spoke it. All of this knowledge was compiled to create some of the most complex languages the world knows today. This was the beginning of the names.
Where did Professor Tolkien start? He read books, including Oxford Dictionary of Place-Names, E.Ekwall’s English River Names, and P.H. Reaney’s Dictionary of British Surnames. If you were to spend ten minutes in any of those books you would know the origin of two dozen middle earth names. Tolkien also pulled out of history and legends from Europe’s past. Now I will give you some examples and explanations for a few of the better known Lord of the Rings names.
Let’s start with Frodo, the main character and hero of the story. Frodo’s name came from the epic Beowulf. The original form was Fródi, and he was a Norse king who desired peace.
Now Frodo wouldn’t have gotten very far without Samwise the Brave, so let’s have a look at him. Sam Gamgee was named for Tolkien’s neighbor, Samson Gamgee. This is one of the few characters named for an actual person.
Another great character is Gandalf. His name came out of an Old Norse poem along with quite a few Dwarves names that are seen in Tolkien’s book The Hobbit. His name means “sorcerer elf” in Old English.
It would be a shame to leave out a personal favorite of mine. What meaning does the name Aragorn have? Well, I was unable to come up with an answer to that, save an interesting fact about one of Aragorn’s other names, the name the hobbits were first given when they met him in Bree. Where did Strider come from? The name strider came out of Tolkien’s first name for this character, a mysterious hobbit called Trotter. It is hard to imaging that this King of Gondor started life out as a hobbit, but that is how it was. When writing the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien pretty much made it up as he went along.
Up till this point, I’ve only looked at good characters. Let’s have a look at the dark lords Sauron and Saruman. Sauron, the Lord of the Black Land, got his name from the Norse language, the word meaning abominable or detestable. Saruman, the White Wizard, got his name from the Old English word “searu” meaning “tricky” or “cunning”.
Now I’m going to move on to Creatures of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Let’s start with Shelob, the great spider. Her name came quite easily. The Old English word “lob” means spider, put together with “she”, creates a female spider. It was really that simple.
Another creature worth mentioning is the Nazgul. This name came after Tolkien created one of his own languages. In Black Speech, the tongue of Mordor, the work “Nazg” means ring, added to the word “ghoul” brings together “ring ghoul” of “ring wraith”. On a funnier note, the word “Nazg” also means ring in Gaelic, a fact that Tolkien forgot until after the books were published!
So that now we’ve covered the people and creatures of Middle Earth, let’s have a look at the places. First we’ll look at Frodo’s home; Bag End. This was one of the other few, named for an actual person, or in this case, place. One of Tolkien’s aunts lived and the end of a cul-de-sac that locals referred to as Bag End
Our Next stop will be the Misty Mountains. This title was borrowed from Norse Legends that refer to the Misty Mountains as “full of dangers and hidden in the half darkness.
Another name that was taken from Tolkien’s surroundings was Rohan. Rohan was the name of a wealthy family in France, though Tolkien only used it because he liked the word, not to make any kind of point. The Mark, which is the area surrounding Rohan also came from Tolkien’s surroundings. It came from the word Mercia, which was the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom that borders Birmingham and Oxford.
I have now covered various spectrums of Tolkien’s Middle Earth names. My goal of this speech was to show you how great a scholar and writer JRR Tolkien was. There are many ways I could have gone about that, this is just an area I found interesting yet little known. I hope that each of you learned something new today, and that you now have more appreciation for the man who made Middle Earth.


It's a bit rough, I only had a week to prepare, not to mention that's not the only thing I had to do, but it gets the point across. Any feed back would be great! Thanks!

Lady Sabeen


Brother in Arms
Mar 12, 2003
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Tarn Aeluin
Hi Sabeen, there's no need to feel weird around here. The denizens of this corner of the forum are plain folks who put their pants on one leg at a time just like anybody else. :)

Anyhow, here are some thoughts on your presentation. Please take them with a grain of salt as I don't know my way around Tolkien's etymologies as well as a lot of folks around here. For the most part, my input revolves around how your speech is set up:

*It's strikes me as difficult to discuss how Tolkien arrived at his names for things without also talking about the various languages he created. You may want to give a summary of the languages he created (I think there are seven) and link your selected names to those languages as well as the Real World languages you referenced. As written, your speech sounds a little like a simple listing of words that Tolkien randomly selected from other languages or from people and things around him. You need to describe how he was much more systematic than that.

*You may want to discuss how many of Tolkien's names are actually constructed of word elements he created for his languages. For instance, the 'ar' in Aragorn means "high, noble, royal" in Quenya and Sindarin. It is also the Adunaic prefix of the names of the kings of Numenor. There are pretty extensive appendices in both LOTR and the Silmarillion that go into Tolkien's word elements if you need more examples.

One thing that works well for me when I give oral presentations is to organize my talk in the following way:

1. Tell your audience what you're going to tell them.
2. Tell them your message.
3. Tell them what you just told them.

Sounds strange I know, but having an introduction will 'prepare' your audience and put them in a better mind set to really hear what you're going to say. Likewise, a conclusion will send your audience on their way with the single most important idea you want to get across to them fresh in their heads, and more likely to retain it.

Oh yes. PLAN your talk to fit the time allotted. College courses have been taught about Tolkien's languages. If you only have three minutes, you need to distill a gigantic amount of information into the most important elements to fit your allotted time.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your speech and be sure to let us know how it turns out! :)


Verbatim et litteratim.
Mar 18, 2003
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Ha! Your advise sound much like what my Public Speaking teacher would say. :D

The speach went as well as possable, for me. I get so nervous my hands shake. :eek: Oh well.

According to the teach, it went very well. I beg to differ! ;)

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