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The History of the Mithril Knights


aka Mablung
Dec 1, 2002
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Whither and thither
In the year 996 the Mornclaur Federation was established. People all over the lands of Middle Earth saw this even as worrisome. However for three years peace reigned throughout the lands with no large scale war. In the year 999 however... the lands erupted in strife and conflict once more. Some fought valiantly and died. There were some though who chose to remain inactive. They belonged to no form of military and were not worried by the war thinking it would end quickly. One of these beings was an Elf named Maegelen he had been through the War of the Ring, so he knew better than to believe that the Mornclaur should be of no worry. But in his heart he did not want to fight or to battle he wished to have the peace that he had always battled in the name of in his past. Opinions change though and when Maegelen saw the havoc that the forces of darkness had left in their wake. He knew that inactivity was something he could not afford to take part in any longer. Peace was simply not his role in life he was meant to fight for the peace of others and not his own. He returned to the Golden Axe Inn which he owned soon after witnessing the aftermath. The Inn was famous as a nexus for people simply seeking adventure and glory. However those were not his only clientele. Among others served were guardians and true protectors of the people, people like him who had chosen to remain inactive in the wars. Slowly so as not to be discovered he began speaking in dark corners and hushed tones to those he felt he could trust above all others. In all his years of life he had learned that darkness never remained idle for long, so although the enemy had abated this time, there would be a next time and he would be ready for battle. His actions needed to remain secret for the shadow upon the front was quickly advancing and ears were everywhere. Those he trusted told those they trusted and after a few months he had a sizeable group of 300 vagabonds, adventurers, protectors, and mercenaries assembled. But above all other things these people he had assembled were noble and wished to help those of Middle Earth. He knew wars could be fought with armies, but smaller groups could fight as well striking the hearts of the enemies. They may be destroyed, but when remembered in history they would not be remembered as idle. They dubbed themselves the Mithril Knights for they were the rare few who stepped up to defend. The few who stepped up to attack. The few who quite possible stepped up to die. Slowly all the members went their separate ways, however each of them carried with them a small piece of high quality silver to remind them of their pledge. It was not mithril, but it would have to do. When darkness once again threatened the land they would once again convene and their story would continue.

Since we will have no chance to do anything in this war I edited the history accordingly.
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