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The Traveling Minstrels


Light's Darkness
May 31, 2005
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In my own little corner
Ever have an idea for a poem? This is the place to express yourself with Tolkien based poetry. Write in any style you wish.

The rules are simple, it has to be based on, in, or related to Tolkien's works or the Master himself!

For example I'll start.

Our imagination, the cruel Dark World will only defy,
The world's Dark deeds only brings a tear to my eye,
So I hope that you'll someday understand
that Tolkien has made a beautiful faraway land,
For anyone who needs a way out of the Dark
and travel about a mystic landscape, flying like the singing Lark.
Exploring the woodland with the shadowy Elves
or deep in the mountains among Dwarves that seem to only think of themselves.
Accompaning Humans good and evil, roaming accross the lands
or Orcs and Goblins, terrors in maurading bands.
Frolicking with the Hobbits in the lush green Shire
or wading through the Deadmarshes mire.
With the many tales of sorrow and mirth,
You'll always be welcome in Middle Earth.

I had fun coming up with this one!!! :D ;)

Now it's your turn! Have at it my fellow Minstrels...
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Part of the Shadows
Apr 20, 2005
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On the edge of nowhere
Cool idea! :D May I try...

Come one, come all,
Come young and old,
To see what wonders this world doth hold.
Come see the Waters,
Come see the Lands.
Don't you yet know what you hold in your hands?
Tales of Glory,
Tales of Pain -
Always keep going, there's so much to gain!
Come one, come all,
Come Boys and Girls
See the elegant Elves and the Hobbits with curls.
Come see the Forests,
Come see the Skies.
There is so much to learn if only one tries.
Master of Nations,
Master of Rhyme -
Tolkien's the Master, come read, now's the time!

I like to think of someone singing this in a town square or something... very minstrelesque. :D (at least that's what I think) :rolleyes:


Part of the Shadows
Apr 20, 2005
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On the edge of nowhere
Alright, here it is. (sorry if you find it's being more 'story' then poem):eek: ;)
Forest Haven

Mae goviannen Mellon nin, ----- Welcome my friend,
Mae goviannen. ----- well met.
Im estel cenich sen men nui taure ----- I hope you see this road before the forest.
Nai anirach gar este na lin fea? ----- May it be you wish to hold hope in your spirit?
Tollen hoda a ol. ----- Come rest and dream.
Ren-u i-bleleg naeth. ----- Remember not the mighty woe.
i-Dhuath u dollen an-im. ----- The shadow hasn't come for me.
Lasto beth lammen. ----- Listen to the words of my tongue.
No din, hodo. ----- Be silent, lie still.
Lasto na sen din hidh, ----- Listen to the silent peace,
ren- i aear a i-men. ----- remember the sea and the road.
Ran palan na nin taure. ----- Wander far and wide in my forest.
Nai le henia ----- May it be you understand,
Merin u an val- ----- I wish not for power
dan an hidn. ----- but for peace.

So there it is! My elven is not as good as I wish it to be, so if someone knows of somthing I did wrong in that, be nice but let me know! :eek: :) Thanks!

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