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The Two Towers MUD (t2tmud.org)


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Jun 2, 2017
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I'm not sure if this is the best forum area to post this in, but with the new Tale of Beren and Luthien coming out, I was reminded that maybe people have forgotten that this place exists. It's an interesting text-based game that I've been playing for years, obviously heavily influenced by Tolkien's works.

Game name:
The Two Towers MUD

Experience The Lord of the Rings from within a vast text-based multiplayer world.

Genres/Categories: Adventure, RPG, MMO, MUD, Multiplayer, Fantasy

The Two Towers Mud is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth. We have extensively re-created the lands of Middle-Earth in a rich text environment, from Mithlond to Mordor and the lands of Harad beyond. With a huge wilderness of more than 100,000 rooms and approximately 12,000+ unique rooms in towns and quest areas, the extensive lands of Middle-Earth are always growing. The Two Towers MUD is a richly developed and highly interactive world. There are literally hundreds of quests, with rewards great and small, for you to discover.

The Two Towers has an active community of players from around the world who come together to play online. Players join together to create clans and guilds, raid enemy lands, socialize, and more. Roleplaying and player killing involvement is encouraged, but optional. Both RP and PvP are supported with in-game mechanics.

Online continuously since 1994, The Two Towers is one of the longest running multiplayer games on the internet and is maintained by a staff of hardworking volunteers who love Tolkien's works and multiplayer gaming.


Any modern browser with Javascript and Flash support (platform-independent). Non-resource-intensive. Game can be accessed through browsers and MUD clients offered for PC/Macs, tablets, and smart phones.

Browser client:http://t2tmud.org/client

The Two Towers web client is far superior to standard telnet clients, and has features similar to traditional MUD gaming clients, but requires no downloading or installation. Want even more customization? Consider using a traditional MUD client of your choice.

Game instructions:

Create a character and explore the world with typed commands. Use the text interface to perform quests, interact with other real players, and do your part in the War of the Rings. The playing environment is entirely textual; typed commands (in English) control a wide range of possible actions, including combat and social functions. Some interface options can be changed in a graphical menu.

* Seeking New Players!

We are looking for new adventurers who wish to play a part in the war, good or evil! People who are looking to immerse themselves in Middle-Earth through questing, roleplaying, exploring, socializing, gearing, golding, and so on. We welcome one and all to start off in the lands of Middle-Earth, both among the Free Races in West Arda and on the more challenging Evil Race side in Far Harad. Perhaps one day you too will fight Shelob in her lair as a mighty adventurer or proclaim the tales of Beren and Luthien as a loremaster throughout all of Arda.

The Two Towers offers a variety of services to new players to help them get started. We have an extensive collection of help files that can be accessed in-game and through our website, a volunteer staff of newbiehelpers with a dedicated newbiecomm, an in-game graphical map command, as well as a multitude of external player driven resources, including maps and quest guides.

Creating a new character:

Click the Play Now button from t2tmud.org to access the webclient.
Type ‘new’ to begin the character creation process.
Pick a name which is thematic to Tolkein’s works.

Your character name is an essential part of your roleplay. As such,
you should choose a creative, original name that fits both our Tolkien
setting and the character you're going to play. Since a name which might
suit a haradrim warrior would not be as fitting for an elven wizard, some
thought should go into this lifetime decision.

Names should be just that: a name, ideally a first or personal name
like you are called in real life. Because of this, names should not be
phrases ("Gottakill"), include titles ("Sirjasper"), be unpronounceable
in English ("Rjgebwf") or take those of canon characters. Names should
also not be acronyms; if you cannot get your meaning across with one word
(or even a portmanteau), you should select something else! Lastly, because
your character is a unique creation existing in this Tolkien world, he/she
should avoid using a name of a character from other media as well, as your
character is your own unique creation and should be named appropriately.

If the name you desire is available after you enter it, type ‘yes’ or ‘y’. If you do not wish to use the name you typed in, type ‘no’ or ‘n’.

Create a password.
Confirm your password.

Provide your name and an email address should you wish to have the automatic password recovery option available to you. If not, click enter to bypass these entry fields.

At this point, you can choose to enter the tutorial. It is highly recommended that you go through the tutorial as you cannot access it once you bypass it. Type ‘y’ to proceed through the tutorial. Type ‘n’ to skip the tutorial entirely. The tutorial is helpful to individuals wishing to familiarize themselves with game commands, provides information on the setting of the world, and provides starting items that may be of use to new players.

Once you have created your character, you are free to move about the lands. Basic command information is provided in the tutorial and basic quest information is available in certain locations in-game, but it is highly encouraged that you explore the world around you to discover things for yourself. If you need help starting out, feel free to ask on the newbiecomm or to contact a helper directly.

To access the newbiecomm:
] message
] Hi, I’m new here.

To talk to a newbie helper directly:
who helper
Identify who you might want to talk with.
tell helpername your message
tell Fred Hi, I have a question.

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IP address:
Ports: 9999 or 8080

Author: T2T Public Relations Staff

15th Anniversary Promotional Video:
15th Anniversary Promotional Video:

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