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Thranduils' relationship with Lothlaurien?

Red Leaf

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Nov 7, 2016
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Herefordshire, United Kingdom
i'm interested in your views regarding how Thranduils Kingdom and Lothlorien - and Rivendell, and Gondor - co-exist...

we know that Lothlorien and Rivendell are politically and personally close, but Lothlorien and the Woodland Realm are almost physically adjacent to each other - we also know that Thranduil is not some isolationist hideaway, The Hobbit tells us he has a long-standing trading relationship with the Men of Laketown, he gets wine from the vinelands of Dorwinion down near the Sea of Rhun, and assuming my memory can be trusted, also gets wine from 'away South', though this could relate to Dorwinion, or possibly Gondor...

so how does this relationship with the outside world work? i don't see any reference to Thranduil accepting that he has any kind of subservient relationship to either Rivendell or Lorien, but is he an ally - even if a semi-detached ally - is he someone the White Council talks to, or is he a much lesser power, little more than the Mayor of Bree with better trading contacts and a fancier title?

is there some political change between the events of The Hobbit, where Thranduil appears to have little interest in the world outside of his world and no great relationship to the other powers of The West, and the events of LoTR where he is entrusted with the captivity of Gollom by Aragorn and Galdalf and then sends Legolas to the Council of Elrond?

views, opinions - wild speculation?

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