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Together at Last


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Apr 17, 2011
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The battle was over and Eru floated above the battlefield. He was happy that the sorrow had ended and yet he was sad for all the good warriors they had to lose to achieve that.

Last warhorn blew and a woman with grey eyes and black hair approached Eru. Eru looked down at her with a pang of regret. She was the last to die in destruction of Numenor and the only one released from Halls of Mandos.

"You were always loyal." Eru told her "I regret that you had to die, but it was neccessary back then."

"Don't be sorry." she told him "I understand perfectly."

Then she walked away to treat her wounded cousins. Eru turned around and looked at golden-haired girl that sat on a flat rock nearby. Tulkas was next to the rock and both were singing softly in duet.

Eru recognized the song as a very known ballad that described the tragedy of one brave warrior and his family.

"So, she is brought back after all." Eru whispered "Not that it is a bad thing."

"I am glad you're here with me....Urwen." Eru heard Tulkas say "I would like you to become my apprentice in singing."

"I accept." the girl said seriously.

"Good." Tulkas said. "Meet me here at dusk."

With that, he scurried off to kill one of Morgoth's soldiers or another, leaving Eru and Urwen alone.

The girl sighed

"There is no ill will, is there?" Eru asked

"Why would there be?" the girl laughed bitterly "You weren't the one who did this to my family. Morgoth was."

"I unleashed Morgoth upon the world, though, so I am partially responsible." Eru said, guilt visible in his expression and his voice.

Urwen stared at him for a while

"Sit down on your chair and look out for your kin, with my ears you shall hear, with my eyes you shall see...." Urwen sang softly "You drew my ire, so their paths shall go astray, don't underestimate the Lord of Death." she finished.

"I am sorry." Eru whispered

"Don't be." another voice interrupted.

The two whirled around and saw Turin and Nienor standing nearby.


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Apr 17, 2011
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There will be more to the story, that was just a prologue.

Chapter 1- Sibling Reunion

Eru willed himself to fade away, as three siblings continued staring at each other.

They stared at each other for quite a while, not wanting to look away, in fear that this all was a dream meant to disappear.

When they realized it wasn't, they decided it was time to speak.

But then they discovered words were futile to express their feelings.

Instead, they just remained hugged for some time.

"Morgoth thought he had us, but we are now reborn and the things that happened once will not happen again." Turin spoke at last

"So very true, brother." Nienor assented.

Urwen said nothing. She didn't have to, because her eyes said it all.

Then a huge shape stepped onto the battlefield, and began swinging its mace, killing few men in the process.

Turin's expression changed to grim one upon seeing the shape. He turned back to his sisters.

"Follow me." was all he said "I want Morgoth to see all three of us alive before I rip him from this world."

Nienor and Urwen glanced at each other and then back at each other.

"Are you thinking what we're thinking?"

"Most certainly, yes." Turin responded, smiling "The return of hin Hurin."

And the three started walking towards Morgoth.

Morgoth snarled at Manwe and Mandos.

"I all but defeated you." Morgoth jeered.

"You may think so." Mandos stated calmly "But the one prophecized to defeat you has arrived."

"That's right." a deep voice affirmed. And Turin stepped forward.

"You." Morgoth said, fury visible in his tone.

"Not just me." Turin jeered. "I also brought my two, say, henchmen? First is sorrow you will feel when I plunge my sword into your flesh."

Nienor also stepped forward.

"As well as laughter that we will experience when you fall." Turin finished.

Lastly, Urwen stepped forward.

Morgoth's fury turned into scowl as he lunged at the three. But Turin blocked his mace with the sword, protecting his 'henchmen'.

"Urwen, Nienor, take cover." Turin said "You won't ever hurt my sisters again."

Urwen and Nienor then retreated behind a rock, observing the battle from there.

Knowing that his sisters were safe, Turin plunged his sword into Morgoth's heart, effectively killing the giant Vala, as prophecized.

"It's over."

The small house in more floral part of Valinor was perfect home. A still small girl opened the door and peeked outside at the sun, before laughing in delight and prancing outside. Her brother and sister soon followed, inhaling fresh air with delight.

"Now, Urwen, wait for us." Turin called out

Urwen turned to look at him.

"My master, the deed is done." she told Turin "As your henchmen, I made sure of it." she added, pointing to breakfast table, fully equipped with food.

Three siblings then laughed for the first time in many eons.

They sat down around the table and started eating slowly, enjoying their meal.

But little did they know they had a new enemy, one far more powerful than Sauron and Morgoth put together.

That enemy was love.

Brandir, who was also brought back, scowled, his gaze never leaving the three Hin Hurin. More specifically, Turin and Nienor.

"Your feelings for her never vanished, am I right?" Eru inquired, appearing before Brandir

"Never have, and never will." Brandir responded firmly.

"Be patient." Eru advised "She'll come to you."

"I don't want to wait any longer." Brandir responded "If only I had father's approval."

"Give them time." Eru said again "Their curse had just ended and they are adjusting to normal life. When she is ready, she'll approach you herself."

With that, Eru vanished.

"As if waiting makes it any easier for me." Brandir said, and he entered his house.

But not before stealing another glance at Hin Hurin.
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