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Tolkien Related Poetry! (multiple mergers. HLG)

Marah Seph

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May 25, 2003
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In a desert upon the face of the earth
I liked this poem.. but since Sam is my favorite Hobbit... I might just be biased! lol no really it was good. And as Lantarion said, you can confuse poems easily by just going for rhymes. You have to patient with poem threads... it takes a while for some of us to see them, or to be interested! Keep it up though!


Elf Musician
Nov 12, 2001
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Elf Wisdom

If the soul contains
time and space
anchoured in the eturnal present,
then life is a great mystery,
yet just as midnight contains
remanants of the past day,
and seeds of the morrow,
then todays tangled web of horror,
also contains home,heaven,divine energy,
and that feels me so full of love made clear,
it's like a lazer pouring forth from my pointed ears.~~*~~


Nonsense wiisdom! hehe

if the world were upside down,
then the ceiling would be the ground
all things high would be low
and all things dull would glow.
if happy were sad, then saddness would be bliss
and while pondering my thoughts, i've realized this:
the flow of space and could change in a wink,
Blessed are those that can flow with a kink!


Lunacy is an art form
Dec 18, 2002
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Where the grass grows.
Frodo's Musings

helloe everybody. i was reading some poetry the other day when i chanced upon Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and i dawned upon me that it would be a really nice if we changed it to sound like what Frodo would have wrote if he was the poet!
here's the original poem:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
and sorry i could not travel both,
and be one traveler long i stood
and looked down one as far as i could
to where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair
and having perhaps the better claim,
because it was grassy and wanted wear,
though as for that, the passing there
had worn really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
in leaves no step had trodden black.
So i kept the first for another day,
yet knowing how way leads on to way
i doubted if i should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
somewhere ages and ages hence;
two roads diverged in a wood and i,
i took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.

i wrote this from memory so it might have some mistakes here and there. but i think it's pretty much right.


no house
Aug 19, 2001
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That is one of my favourite poems. I came across it on my own, but we analyzed it thoroughly in English class. It's an excellent piece of poetry.
Well, in a way you may be right that it echoes Frodo's exploits.. But the only choice I see Frodo making throughout the book is the foght against the lure of the Ring. It might be difficult to convert such subconscious struggles into poetry, let alone poetry that is redefined.


Lunacy is an art form
Dec 18, 2002
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Where the grass grows.
perhap it is so, but i was thinking more on the lines of his choice (because i believe he did have a choice) of choosing between leaving the Ring in the hands of the Council, or taking it. Both roads would lead to vastly different paths. i just thought it would be an interesting poem to attempt.


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May 11, 2002
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Creatively express your admiration for the first LOTR film, in a poem

If anyone is up for the challenge, creatively express in a 40 - 50 word maximum (or if you have anything on file, include it) your admiration for Peter Jackson's first LOTR film (Fellowship of the Ring) and why you love it, or what you most love about it, in a rhyming poem. Or as an acrostic of Lord of the Rings, but made to also rhyme.

Lúthien Séregon

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Jan 21, 2003
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An Ode to a Memory

Well, the only poem I have on file that is about the LOTR films is a lot more than 40-50 words, and it expresses the emotions I'll be feeling once the trilogy has ended, if that's okay.

An Ode to a Memory

The sense that something held dear to our hearts
Was spread through the world with a gift to impart,
It was a magic renewed and imprinted in glory,
Capturing the essence of a timeless story

I never thought the light and joy would end,
But the days grow short and night transcends
And now the time seems to have come at last,
To leave, to say goodbye forever to the past

I should have realised it couldn’t have stayed
That I now stand upon memories long passed away,
But I reach out and touch upon something so deep,
And know that it will be brushed forever from our keep

The gold that glitters leaves its colour in the mind,
That cannot be thrown away to perish through time:
I will always hold dear the times when all,
Would be held by the journey, so captured, enthralled

Yet as we all turn away to journey on to new paths
And throw away sadness to mark the aftermath,
I hope we shall never forget the memories dear:
For I’ll return in my heart to the end of my years

Sorry that's not about the First LOTR film though. I guess it can't be counted.


Im just a dreamer...
Mar 25, 2003
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Under the ancient trees of Lothlorien
ive got one which is kind of about the whole trilogy...ummm!!

Tolkiens Dream
He closed his eyes and dreamt of an earth.
A world of fantasy he saw.
He sat in silence and dreamt of its birth,
then started to explore.

He saw mountains dark and steep,
forests mysterious and old.
Endless mines hidden deep,
willderness harsh and cold.

He saw enchanted forests as old as time.
Armies huge and strong.
Realms and Kingdoms in their prime.
Rivers short and long.

He heared soldiers shout in pain.
He heared victorious crys.
He heared the Ents sing at the rain.
He heared the Dragons song in the skies.

In his vivid dream of this magical place,
He saw Golden Halls and Towers.
Tombs of kings of mythical race,
covered with small white flowers.

He saw soldiers fight and fall.
In honour they met their death.
He saw kings,proud and tall,
draw their final breath.

In the trees of Lorien a City he saw,
where the Elven make their Halls.
Elves dwelling in absence of war,
until the worlds sky falls.

The music of the Elves he heared.
Its beauty shoothed his mind.
Like the song of a majestic bird,
are the songs of Elven kind.

He saw a Ring...
He saw a Ring of evil power,soon to be unleashed.
He saw the One Ring of awesome power, darkness in the East.

Not as good as Lúthien's but...


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May 12, 2003
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They were both very good poems!
*claps extensively*
Darn it, you guys will have to give me a day or two to write something that will compare to that!


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Apr 1, 2003
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Hearken! (Rhymed Verse)

Hearken! O Gate Guards!
Do you see the sky?
Where is the sun? It is still nigh.

Hearken! O Towns People!
Why not in haste?
Worry not of the fumes you taste?

Hearken! O Soldiers!
Caring not of war?
If you win this battle, there will be more!

Hearken! O Steward Son!
Obeying far too much?
Your father is wise, yet has a mad touch!

Hearken! O Steward!
Going mad are you?
Go on and kill yourself, yet not your son, too!

Hearken! O Wise Wizard!
Coming to aid their needs?
Wise, Mithrandir, yet watch the Dark Lord’s deeds!

Hearken! O Black Rider!
Know not your arrogance?
No man can kill you, yet the woman has a chance!

Hearken! O Hidden King!
Coming to join the forces?
Be wary of the dead with your reinforces!

Hearken! O Dark Lord!
Laughing in your success?
The Ring is on its way, though it has digress.

Hearken! O Middle Earth!
Your lives are breaking ropes.
Either you fall to ruin or fight with all your hope.

Anne Shadow___________________________________

This poem is about Minas Tirith and all that is happening in and around the Pellenor Fields.
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Sep 6, 2003
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Borderlands of Midnight Sun
I guess this goes into 'narrative' class.. But it's rhyming, too (or supposed to be). :confused: Plot isn't my own, as you might notice.. :p

Prophecy fulfilled

Death and terror and night on wings
King of witches and slayer of kings
Wearer and slave of one of the rings
But can you hear how steel blade sings?

He came, and with him came the night
He came, wielding all his might
Horror in left hand, death in his right
Who can stand, let alone fight?

Hand that slayed mighty lords
Eyes that rangers feared on fords
Voice that commands monstrous hordes
How can one fight him with swords?

One stands up, one surely mad
But grey eyes seem to be more sad
Searched Death, now found it had
Poor boy, I thought, but it's no lad!

No living man can hinder him
But maiden of the rohirrim
Stands before her foe so grim
And evil thought of wraith does dim

His shadow-spawned winged beast
Leaps to attack, wants to feast
Kill or mutilate at least
Win the day for Eye in East

But maiden isn't frozen still
She dodges, blocks and strikes with skill
A perfect cut, a famous kill
Monstrous head rolls down the hill

His scream of hate is deafening
Down he does his weapon bring
Shield and arm thus shattering
So fall the foes of Witch-King

But under the shadow is a smaller shade
Crouching figure holding his blade
With daring stab a grieve wound made
For fallen Arnor a debt he paid

Behold, the wraith is distracted
His weapon misses the maiden's head
But Witch-King has not fallen yet
The wrath in his eyes burning red

The halfling calls the maiden's name
She fights the fear and pain and maim
Upwards does the swordblade aim
The killing strike, the greatest fame

It's Black Captain's dying day
But his slayers still must pay
Is she dead? They can not say
Maiden of Rohan is carried away

To Rhiannon & Black Captain, with love :D
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Apr 1, 2003
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White Steed and her master

Like the Wind they pass
Soaring as a star
Like the river they flow
Going on journey far.

Like the Moon they shine
White steed and her master
Like the Sun they warm
Going ever faster!

Like the spring they leave
Returning when needed
Like the sky they change
No pleas have they heeded

Like the trees they grow
White steed and her master
Like the forest they gaurd
No horse has ever passed her

Like brother and like sister
Closer than soldier and sword
Like sister and like brother
Not just horse and lord

Anne Shadow__________________________________

My insparation, if you could not tell, was Gandalf and Shadowfax. I tried not to make it obvious enough when you see it you know, because I know some people who are not big fans of Middle Earth. And the relationship Tolkien made between Gandalf and his Rohan Steed was amazingly close and loving and it really was inspiring and I really liked that relationship.

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