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Town on the Isen


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Oct 13, 2005
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on the borderline of insanity and madness
"Welcome everyone, to our new home for the next few months, until Dernhelm is built," Mappalif was saying. "We have much to do, and first of all, once we've settled in, we need to find the location that we will build this new town."

Greolman spoke up then, and said, "First, perhaps we should look around Orthanc and see if there are any rooms we can sleep in. We know that there are plenty of guardhouses which can hold everyone, but perhaps the seven of us who will have the most to do with Dernhelm, which is Mappalif, Lingar, Frynyir, Juniela, Olktian, Elding and myself should stay in here. So, what I am saying is that if there are enough beds or rooms which can be used for sleeping, the seven of us should sleep in here, away from everyone else."

There were nods of agreement from everyone then, and they each started off in different directions, some going up stairs, others staying on the floor they were on. After a few minutes of looking, Juniela and Olktian both found rooms with beds in them. Everyone went and looked at the two rooms, which were on the third level.

Lingar walked up another few stories with Frynyir and Loungar, each stopping at a different one, and they found suitable rooms for sleeping in. The seven rooms had been found, so the group reassembled on the fifth story, which is where Loungar had finished up.

"Looks like we're all fine for that then," Elding said. "Perhaps we should walk to the top and explore downwards as a group? Then we will know whether there are any maps or other useful things we might be able to use."

Once again, everyone agreed, so they walked to the highest story together.

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